ETMY ASIA Co., Limited

ETMY ASIA Co., Ltd Founded in May 10, 2007, Founder has many years of experience in the communications industry. We specialize in walkie-talkies and radio networking projects. We only focus on the field of wireless private network communications, more than 15 years has been plowing here. Focusing on more professional is our company Core Ideology .

Hot Products

    • Motorola DEP570 Small Microphone

      Motorola DEP570 Small Microphone

      Motorola DEP570's small microphone can be easily clipped to a shirt pocket or lapel, allowing easy communication without removing the radio from the belt. The tuyere remote speaker microphone reduces background noise caused by high winds, bad weather, and other outdoor noise. The microphone design also prevents water from blocking the microphone port and distorts the transmitted audio. The audio jack can be used to connect a handset for discreet communication.

    • Motorola MTP8550ex

      Motorola MTP8550ex

      Motorola MTP8000Ex is an ATEX explosion-proof two-way radio that meets the TETRA digital standard. Its shape has been carefully designed to meet the needs of workers and provide safe, reliable, and efficient communications in hazardous environments. The MTP8550Ex meets the latest ATEX and IECEx standards, a major step forward in improving worker safety, communication and efficiency.