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ETMY ASIA Co., Limited

ETMY ASIA Co., Ltd Founded in May 10, 2007, Founder has many years of experience in the communications industry. We specialize in walkie-talkies and radio networking projects. We only focus on the field of wireless private network communications, more than 15 years has been plowing here. Focusing on more professional is our company Core Ideology .


    • Motorola XiR P6620i

      Motorola XiR P6620i

      Motorola P6620i is a MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio. It is a keyboard and display model in the P6600i series. It has built-in Bluetooth and WIFI, which can be used to implement wireless audio and wireless programming. It is sturdy and sealed to meet the US military standards MIL810 and IP67 waterproof and dustproof standards. It is a powerful digital radio, ideal for use on the construction site, public security, and the military.

    • Motorola DP3601 Intrinsically Safe Battery

      Motorola DP3601 Intrinsically Safe Battery

      Motorola PMNN4069 is an explosion-proof battery for the DP3601 two-way radio, and it has an IMPRES function that provides automatic, adaptive repair, end-of-life display and other advanced features when used with a charger with IMPRES.

    • Motorola XiR P8268

      Motorola XiR P8268

      Motorola XiR P8268 is a MOITOTRBO digital two-way radio that integrates a GPS modem for position tracking. The radio combines the functionality of a two-way radio with digital technology. It supports both analog and digital modes, making it easy to transition from analog to digital, and can be used in both UHF and VHF bands, with 160 channel.

    • Motorola GP328 UHF Stubby Antenna

      Motorola GP328 UHF Stubby Antenna

      Motorola PMAE4003 is a Stubby UHF Antenna, Suitable for Motorola 430 - 470 MHz frequency bands two-way radios