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ETMY ASIA Co., Limited

ETMY ASIA Co., Ltd Founded in May 10, 2007, Founder has many years of experience in the communications industry. We specialize in walkie-talkies and radio networking projects. We only focus on the field of wireless private network communications, more than 15 years has been plowing here. Focusing on more professional is our company Core Ideology .


    • Motorola CM200d

      Motorola CM200d

      Motorola CM200d is a digital mobile radio with all the advantages of the latest radio technology - from premium audio quality to a wider range of coverage. It also features advanced MOTOTRBO systems such as forced transmit interrupt (decode only) for priority critical communications. The bright, high-contrast alphanumeric display helps drivers easily notice important information such as settings and caller ID at a glance. The CM200d is easy to use, clear communication, and maximizes productivity.

    • Motorola EM200

      Motorola EM200

      Motorola EM200 is a mobile radio that is easy to use and cost effective. Ideal for users who need instant, reliable communications services without compromising the productivity of their mobile teams, such as construction, manufacturing, taxis, and express delivery.