Baofeng UV 3R

Baofeng UV-6R is a handheld radio that is a very small, lightweight and versatile radio that can use the UHF and VHF bands. Stylish in design, available in 5 colors. Easy to operate with on-screen buttons. A built-in flashlight and FM radio function are also included. It is a small, cost-effective radio that is ideal for emergency communications.
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Product Details

Baofeng UV-3R Portable radio

  • Fashion appearance

    Five colors, in line with modern design.

  • Flexible PTT button

    With the button of Taiwan alps, it can be pressed more than 100,000 times.

  • Clear audio

    5 levels of noise reduction, restore the authenticity of the sound, even in a noisy environment can clearly talk.

  • Built-in glare flashlight

    The built-in glare flashlight can be illuminated in the dark environment, and the flashlight can also emit a flashing alarm of the SOS.

  • UHF/VHF switching

    UHF/VHF dual-band switching, you can handle any situation with ease.

    UHF: Strong penetrating power, suitable for buildings with dense buildings.

    VHF: Covering far, suitable for suburban and plain driving.

  • FM radio function

    Press the F/A button to enter the FM radio mode and automatically switch the channel mode when the signal is received.

  • Board chip protection

    In the cycle of charging and discharging, the battery life is extended, and the control chip is used to control the input voltage, and the accuracy of the input voltage is always maintained, so as to avoid shortening the life of the shipbuilding battery.

  • BandVHFUHF
    Power Output1-3W
    Channel Capacity99

    Accessories includes

    • Li-lon 1500mAH battery

    • Belt Clip 

    • Charger 

    • Antenna

    • Power Adapter