Ecome MT 660

Ecome MT-660 is a mobile radio that is small (145*190*47mm, 1200g) and compact and reliable. Supporting the VHF/UHF band with high power (85W), it can meet the communication needs of the team for long-distance travel.
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Product Details

Ecome MT-660 mobile radio

  • Selective call function

    Use 2 Tone/5 Tone/ DTMF signaling to select the appropriate radio to call.

  • Remote stun, Remote Activate, Remote Kill

    Remote stun: It can transmit remote halo signaling to make the member radio remote, so that it can only receive and cannot transmit. After the call ends, it will wake up by transmitting the startup signaling.

    Remote kill: Can disable the receiving and transmitting of member radios, so that they can neither receive nor transmit.

  • Channel storage

    It is convenient for users to store common channels

  • Broadband, narrowband switchable

    Wideband modulation has a large amplitude and good sound quality, and the disadvantage is that it occupies a frequency bandwidth. Switching to narrowband can reduce channel congestion.

  • Scrambling function (optional)

    By changing the specific frequency, it can only be received by a specific frequency or channel.

Other functions


  2. Voice compression extension

  3. Emergency help

  4. VFO step setting

  5. Voice prompts

  6. Automatic shut-down

  7. Busy channel lock

  8. Voltage display

  9. ANI ID ID

  10. High and low output power switchable



Power Output10W/25W/85W10W/25W/65W
Channel Capacity200

Accessories includes

  • Hanheld Microphone with DTMF keypad

  • Microphone clip

  • DC power cable 

  • Fuse 

  • Mounting Bracket