Ecome MT 690

Ecome ET-690 is a car radio that is compact and lightweight and can be easily installed in a narrow car. A large color screen is built in, and the frequency can be selected by pressing the button. ET-690 has excellent performance, 256 channels and a maximum output power of 100W, which can meet the communication needs of ultra-long distance. Ideal for taxi teams, off-road self-driving, and the use of large property personnel.
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Product Details

Ecome MT-690 mobile radio

  • 100W super power output

    100W ultra-high power, to meet the needs of ultra-wide-distance communication.

  • Remote stun, Remote Activate, Remote Kill

    With Remote stun, the radio can only receive and not transmit. Remote Remitter can be used to remotely control the transmission and reception prohibition. Use Remote Activate to activate the radio to return it to normal use.

  • 2-Tone/5-Tone/DTMF Signaling

    A variety of signaling can be used to send signaling to select the appropriate intercom.

  • Scrambler (optional)

    The voice is programmed and then transmitted, and the receiving party can only acquire the voice by the same decryption programming.

  • Other functions

  1. English menu

  2. Computer programmable

  3. PTT-ID identity code

  4. Repeater function

  5. FM reception

  6. Alarm function

  7. Monitor function



Power Output1-100W
Channel Capacity256

Accessories includes

  • Hanheld Microphone with DTMF keypad

  • DC power cable 

  • fuse 

  • Mounting Bracket