Ecome ET 518

Ecome ET-518 is an analog two-way radio that is rugged, rugged and reliable, meets the IP67 waterproof standard and keeps the radio in the water intact. Supports both VHF/UHF radio bands. 16 channels to meet basic team call needs, 5W output power, to ensure a reliable call range. It is ideal for emergency communications in outdoor operations, marine cruises and other industries.
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Product Details

Ecome ET-518 Portable Two-way radio

  • IP67 Protection

    ET-518 has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance.It can be soaked for half an

    hour at a water pressure of 1 meter,and intruding dust does not affect the normal operation

    of ther radio.

  • Whisper function

    When you wear headphones, you only need to whisper softly to achieve a loud sound transmission.

  • PTT ID encoding function

    When this function is enabled, when the PTT button is pressed or released, the identity code is transmitted, and the other party can recognize the identity of the caller and manage the call.

  • other functions

  1. 1. Priority scan

  2. 2. Computer software programming, software read and write encryption

  3. 3. Voice-activated transmission function

  4. 4. CTCSS/DCS function (non-standard analog subsonic software own programming function)

  5. 5. English voice prompts

  6. 6. Power saving function

  7. 7. High and low power selection

  8. 8. Wide and narrow belt selection

  9. 9. Tail cancellation function

  10. 10. Emergency alarm function

  11. 11. Whisper function

  12. 12. Busy channel lock function

  13. 13. Launch time limit TOT function

  14. 14. Side button settings

  15. 15. Squelch level, adjustable level



Power Output1-5W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • Li-lon 2500mAH battery

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter