Ecome ET 60B

Ecome ET-60B is a professional handheld two-way radio, it has a built-in Bluetooth module, and is equipped with a Bluetooth headset, you can talk in a noisy environment without interference. It is specially designed for the first-line service personnel in restaurants, supermarkets, commercial offices and other industries.
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Product Details

Ecome ET-60B Portable Two-way radio

  • Bluetooth Voice

    The  Bluetooth headset can liberate both hands and minimize the radiation damage caused by the walkie-talkie to the human brain under the premise of emergency communication.

  • Squelch function

    By adjusting the squelch level, the radio is turned off and on when it receives a strong signal. The lower the squelch level is set to allow the noise floor when turned on The larger the distance, the farther the corresponding call can be, but the weaker the anti-interference ability of receiving is. The factory default setting of this function is level 4, you can write The "Squelch Level" option in the "Optional Functions" menu of the frequency software is set, and the selectable range is 0-9. When the setting is o level, the squelch is normally open, level The higher the number, the more difficult it is to turn on squelch.

  • Time out timer (TOT)

    The function of reflection time limit is to prevent a single walkie-talkie from occupying a certain channel for a long time, and at the same time to prevent the walkie-talkie from being damaged due to long-term continuous transmission..

  • Voice prompt function

    The factory default setting of this function is on. You can use the "Voice / Beep Tone Function" option in the "Optional Function" menu of the frequency writing software.


    Supports analog mute signaling CTCSS and digital mute signaling DCS to shield interference signals.

Power Output1-3W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • Li-lon 2200mAH battery

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Bluetooth earphone