Ecome ET 650S

Ecome ET-650S is an analog Portable two-way radio. Its biggest feature is that it has an LED dot matrix screen, supports power, and the reality of the current channel number. It supports UHF band and has 16 channels, which is very suitable for outdoor sports and field trips. The use of emergency calls.
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Product Details

Ecome ET-650S Portable Two-way radio

  • LED matrix display

    The LED matrix display inside the casing is very novel, and the display can prompt the channel number, battery status and other information during the call time.

  • ‘Remote kill’ function

    When the radio is inadvertently lost or other special circumstances occur, in order to prevent the other party from receiving and transmitting, the administrator can use this function to remotely switch it from receiving or transmitting.

  • Time-Out Timer function

    This feature is used to limit the user's time-to-time transmission on one channel, while also preventing the radio from being damaged due to long-term transmission.

  • 5W power

    5W power, transmission is farther and penetration is stronger.

  • Support CTCSS/DCS signaling

    Support CTCSS analog mute signaling and DCS digital mute signaling, which can shield external interference signals.

  • Rainproof design

    Housing has a non-slip design that guarantees a secure hand. The rear aluminum plate is designed with gold-plated anti-short circuit to ensure safe use.



Power Output1-5W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • Li-lon 4000mAH battery

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter