Ecome ET 66

Ecome ET-66 is a simulated portable two-way radio. It is small and easy to use, with an LED dot matrix screen that displays volume, power and current channel number. ET-66 supports both VHF and UHF bands with a maximum output power of 5W, ensuring quality emergency communications.
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Product Details

Ecome ET-66 Portable Two-way radio

  • LED matrix display

    The LED matrix display inside the casing is very novel, and the display can prompt the channel number, battery, volume status and other information during the call time.

  • Channel scanning function

    By pressing the dedicated button, the receiving circuit receives the channel for a period of time in a certain order to listen to the weak signal in the channel.

  • VOX voice control function

    This function allows you to press the PTT button when launching. When this function is activated, the launch operation can be started directly by voice, and the transmission will end automatically after the voice stops.

  • Power saving mode

    The radio automatically enters a sleep-like state after a period of inactivity or no signal reception, and it automatically returns to normal operation when there is an operation or when a signal is received. Can effectively save power.



Power Output1-5W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • Li-lon 3800mAH battery

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna