Hytera PD365

Pocket-sized, the Hytera PD365 handheld digital radio delivers a range of sought after features in a small form factor, ideal for discreet use in retail, hospitality or education environments.

Product Details

Product description

The pocket-sized Hytera PD365 handheld digital two-way radio provides a compact structure and design, multiple channels and text messaging capabilities. Hytera PD365 handheld digital two-way radio provides a series of popular functions in a compact form factor, which is very suitable for cautious use in retail, hotel or educational environments.


Product Details


Product Features

 light, small, pocket-sized, and easy to carry

 Channel capacity: 256

 2000mAh Li-Ion Battery

 Micro USB port for easy charging

 Voice communication includes private, group and all call

 Supports messaging with up to 64 characters

 Supports a one touch feature for pre-programmed text  messages and voice calls

 High quality speaker for clear audio

 Cost-effective digital experience

 Radio more compact through creative antenna design

 In digital mode, radio operates up to 12 hours using a  duty cycle of 5-5-90

 Dual mode ensures smooth migration from analogue to  digital








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