Icom IC M34

ICOM IC-M34 is a professional marine two-way radio. 5W power, when accidentally dropped into the water, can float on the water for fishing. At the same time, the IC-M34 waterproof level is the same as other ICOM water two-way radios, up to JIS-7, that is, no water in 1 meter and 30 minutes under water. More suitable for rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ports, sea and other water emergency communications.
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Product Details

ICOM IC-M34 Marine Handheld radio

  • LOUD button

    When you need an instant “boost” in the volume, a simple push of the “LOUD” button gives you full volume immediately. In addition, holding the “LOUD” button mutes the audio output.

  • Floating design

    If the IC-M34 is dropped into the water, the radio will float to the surface. This way you can easily retrieve it. Thanks to the ruggedness of the radio, you can continue to work even when immersed in water.

    * 1m deep or 30 minutes. Equivalent to IPX7.

  • Waterproof

    Meet the JIS 7 waterproof standard (under water 1 meter 30 minutes without water) .With automatic removal The water function can automatically remove the water on the speaker grid.

  • Easy operate

    Easy to see LCD with large channel Indlcatlon Thp IC-M34 has an easy to sae LCD (32 X 16 mm;  11/4 X s/a In)with large 2-digit channel number indication.The volume and SOL levels are shown in the display.

  • Easy to use

    Large, easy-to-use buttons for intuitive operation. Compact body, it is easy to hold.

  • Sufficient configuration

    5 watt / 1 watt output power is optional. In addition to the standard water channel, there are 70 editable channels.

  • AquaQuake draining function

    the Aquaquake draining function emits a vibratlng sound that clears water away from the speaker grill.

BandVHF Marine band
Frequency (Tx)

156.025 ~ 157.425MHz

Frequency (Rx)

156.050 ~ 163.275MHz

Power Output1-5W

Accessories includes

  • BP-252(Rechargeable 980mAh Li-Ion battery pack)

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger BC-173(Optional:BC-162)

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter BC-174(Optional:BC-145)

  • Optional Handheld Microphone HM-165