Icom IC M73

ICOM IC-M73 is a waterproof marine handheld radio that uses a dedicated maritime band. It is water resistant to IPX8 and can be completely soaked in sea water. Automatic water removal to prevent water ingress. 6W high power, guarantee a wider transmission range. It is very suitable for use in marine cruise, rescue, ocean transportation and other industries.
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Product Details

ICOM IC-M73 Marine Handheld radio

  • Super waterproof

    IPX8 level waterproof, underwater 1.5 meters 30 minutes without water Speaker automatic drainage function.

  • Loud audio

    Bass amplification, 700mW audio output power. Strengthen the bass, accept and launch the voice more full.

  • Active noise cancellation

    Eliminates 90% noise in both directions and improves the clarity of received and transmitted speech.

  • Last call recording function

    automatically record the last call for up to 1 minute; also can manually start the recording function.

  • Other features

  • - Optional handheld microphone HM-167 or HM-202

  • - Dual-frequency/tri-frequency value-keeping function: Up to 3 channels (working channel, channel 16, calling channel) can be monitored at the same time

  • - One channel to select channel 16 and call channel (call channel can be customized)

  • - In addition to the built-in standard water channel, there are 70 user programming channels

  • - Automatic power saving function

  • - Basic models do not include call recording, noise cancellation and bass amplification

BandVHF Marine band
Frequency (Tx)

156.025 ~ 157.425MHz

Frequency (Rx)

156.050 ~ 163.275MHz

Power Output1-6W

Accessories includes

  • Standard 2000mAh Li-ion Battery BP-245

  • Belt Clip

  • Rapid charger

  • Antenna

  • AC Adapter