ICOM IC-M304 is a mobile radio for marine vessels. It is IPX7 rated waterproof. It can be kept for 1 minute under water at 1 meter, with clear display and adjustable backlight. Also has channel collection, automatic water removal, dual-frequency waiting, DSC and other functions. It is very suitable for the use of marine freight, terminal dispatch, ship travel and other industries.
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Product Details

ICOM IC-M304 Marine band Mobile Radio

  • Intuitive and easy to use

    A variety of features, convenient and fast. LCD display, adjustable brightness and color for nighttime use. The control panel layout is reasonable. The symmetrical knobs and buttons of the main and auxiliary machines are easy to operate.

  • Superior material

    Thick alloy plate shell, thicker than ordinary car radio, good shielding effect, strong anti-interference and heat dissipation.

  • Multi-programmable button

    Built-in ANC function reduces background noise Receive and send signals. The aircraft noise is full in an extremely noisy airport environment. The Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) effectively reduces pulse-type noise, such as engine ignition.

  • Simple hand microphone

    PPT button: Press and hold to start transmitting, and release when released. High and low power conversion keys: When the LCD display shows LW, it is in a low power state, and when it is not displayed, it is in a high power state. The buttons are clear and durable, at a glance, durable and feel good

  • Reliable sealing

    It meets the IPX7 waterproof standard and can completely prevent splashing, water spray and water immersion. Even if it is in the water, don't worry about the fuselage. At the same time, it has the function of removing water from the horn, and it emits vibration sound, which can shake the water accumulated on the horn grid to make the receiving sound clearer.

  • Digital selective calling (DSC)

    When you press the Digital Selective Call (DSC) "emergency button" on the IC-304, the radio will automatically send your ship's information and exact location. Because the digital processing is done and the bandwidth of the narrowband receiver is used, the range of distances compared to normal audio communication is increased a lot.

BandMarine Band


Power Output(typical,maximum)1-25W

Accessories includes

  • Handheld Microphone HM-164

  • DC power cable 

  • Microphone hanger kit

  • Mounting bracket kit

  • Fuses