Icom R9000

Icom R9000

The Icom IC-R9000 is an all-mode, wideband receiver that continuously covers a frequency range of 100 kHz to 1999.8 MHz. The most visible of the radio's many advanced features is the built-in multifunction 5 inch CRT display. Receive frequencies, modes and additional useful data are displayed for your operating convenience. The CRT functions as a spectrum scope to show you, at a glance, the relative signal strengths of nearby receive frequencies. The span of the spectrum scope can be selected for �25, �50 or �100 kHz according to your needs. The screen can also display the contents of 10 memories at once, and can be scrolled to display other memories. The CRT can also be used as a display device to monitor RTTY or packet via an ASCII RS-232 input port (external data converter required).

Product Details



Frequency Range
0.1-1999.8 MHz
110-120 VAC
Antenna Impedance
50 ohm unbalanced
Selectivity (-6dB)

AM 6.0 kHz

FM-N 15 kHz

FM-W 150 kHz

SSB/CW 2.4 kHz


16  1.6-30 MHz

32  30-999 MHz

63  1000-1239 MHz

32  1240-1300 MHz

63  1300-1600 MHz

1.0  1600-1998 MHz

 SSB (10 dB S/N)

Antenna Jacks

1-30 MHz SO-239

1-30 MHz RCA (HF Antenna Two)

30-1000 MHz N

1000-1999 MHz N

Audio Output
2.5 Watts 4 - 8 Ohms.
16.8 x 6 x 14.375 inches
44.2 lbs.  (20 kg)Specifications are subject to change

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