Can the public network walkie-talkie patrol function replace the traditional patrol?

Date:Jan 21, 2021

Public network walkie-talkie inspection is to install an APP with inspection function on the handheld to carry out inspection work. It replaces the patrol rod, which is in line with the temperament of the current mobile Internet era; no matter how powerful the patrol rod is, there is no public network walkie-talkie tour. The inspection function is powerful, and the public network walkie-talkie inspection function is flexible and changeable. It can be customized and developed according to the needs of the enterprise. Only you can't think of it, and it can't be done without it!

How does the public network walkie-talkie inspection work?

1. Install an APP with inspection function on the public network walkie-talkies of inspectors and managers.

2. Install two-dimensional code or NFC or Bluetooth inspection points at important locations for inspection, or set GPS inspection points on the map.

Some people will question "How to use GPS to patrol inspection points if the indoor satellite positioning is not allowed?" In fact, using public network walkie-talkies, the inspection points can be set to a variety of points. If the satellite positioning is not allowed, you can choose QR code or NFC inspection points. . Others said that "QR code inspection points are easy to cheat, and some mobile phones at NFC inspection points do not support...". That’s because they don’t know that there is a complete anti-cheating inspection system on the market. It can not only prevent the QR code from being copied, but also prevent personnel from patrolling. You can do “fingerprints” as a substitute for patrolling. Now it’s not difficult to make fingerprints.

3. Log in to the APP or PC side patrol platform to set inspection points, inspection items, routes, plans, places, personnel, permissions, anti-cheating photo probability, prefab events, etc. These settings can be performed on the PC side or the APP side .

4. Let the inspectors carry out the inspection work according to the prescribed plan, scan all the QR code inspection points in the line, during the inspection process, randomly check the QR code inspection points according to the anti-cheating photo probability set in the background and pop up the photos The task requires the inspector to take a photo with the site within 1 minute; subscribe to the "patrol reminder" for the inspector: the reminder of the inspection has not started 10 minutes after the plan starts to the mobile phone; the plan is about to end and the reminder that the inspection is not completed will be sent to the mobile phone; The missed inspection will be pushed to the mobile phone 10 minutes after the end of the plan; the "patrol inspection message" can effectively assist the inspector to complete the work smoothly, so that the fine after the inspection missed becomes a pre-supervision.

5. Managers install APP or follow the WeChat official account, and they can check reports and subscribe to push messages on WeChat, such as "push if there is a missed inspection", "monthly summary", "unqualified inspection items", "events", "application for interruption of inspections", etc. , It also supports querying multiple inspection reports on APP, WeChat, and PC.

What are the advantages of public network walkie-talkie inspections compared to better inspections?

Simple: After the walkie-talkie patrols and scans the code, it automatically uploads via the public network or Wi-Fi. If there is no network, it will be automatically saved on the walkie-talkie. Wait for the network to upload automatically. The patrol rod needs to be connected to the computer and operating software to upload data. If the computer fails, the data cannot be uploaded, which is troublesome.

Efficient: The public network walkie-talkie uses the inspection APP to automatically upload in real time, and managers can query the latest data anytime and anywhere, and the management is more timely and efficient. Patrol rods need to be collected and sent back to the office regularly, which results in low management efficiency.

Anti-cheating: The public network walkie-talkie uses the inspection system to prevent cheating. And even fingerprint patrol sticks can cheat by making fingerprints, which is cheap and simple.

Powerful functions: mobile phone inspection supports two-dimensional code, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS patrol points; it can take photos and videos to record event failures, and feedback on problems is more intuitive; in addition to the management background, there are real-time monitoring, 24-hour review, etc. A variety of statistical reports to assist managers. Patrol sticks with camera functions are not only expensive, but also have drawbacks such as high failure rate and high power consumption.

Real-time monitoring: The monitoring center can display a "real-time monitoring" report on the large screen to monitor the progress of each department and plan, so as to notify the relevant person in charge to strengthen rectification. The Patrol Rod does not have such a function.