Digital wireless walkie-talkie

Date:Jan 26, 2018

Widely used in hydrology and water conservancy, power grids, railways, gas fields, transportation heating, meteorological earthquakes, mapping positioning, environmental logistics and other industrial automation control monitoring, monitoring, alarm systems. Its fields of use and its departments are very broad. It has been involved in all aspects of national economic construction and people's life, such as monitoring of power dispatching and electricity load, monitoring of substations in hydropower stations, hydrological monitoring of hydrological conditions, collection of reservoir water volume data, urban water supply System monitoring, monitoring and control of sewage treatment system, monitoring of urban street lights and traffic lights, air-defense alarm control, monitoring of oil well network management, oil and gas transmission network monitoring, industrial smart meter wireless meter reading (near and far water, electricity, Gas meter), monitoring and control of expressway traffic network, scheduling of urban public transport vehicles, railway signal emergency communication system, railway water supply centralized control, GPS positioning and GIS data transmission, data transmission of seismic network, monitoring of atmospheric environment, special Mobile data communication system, financial securities trading communication system, real-time lottery trading system, POS system of postal system, supervision of vehicle logistics warehouse, mine mapping, exploration and production monitoring, industrial automation control of metallurgical and chemical systems, security and fire monitoring. In these systems, data from remote collection points are sent to monitoring centers at all levels in real time through digital radio stations and receive control instructions from monitoring centers at all levels so as to realize real-time transmission of far-end data. It is a wireless data transmission system dedicated wireless data transmission channel in the system is an integral part of, in many cases, it is embedded in various types of instrumentation and equipment installed in the work