Do I need a license to use the walkie-talkie?Why does it need?

Date:Aug 10, 2019

Many people want to bring a walkie-talkie when traveling abroad. After all, the communication efficiency of the walkie-talkie is much higher than that of the call. However, some countries do not allow high-frequency walkie-talkies to be used. If necessary, they should apply.

The walkie-talkie is a radio station. Where the working band and the transmitting frequency have relevant regulations, the use of radio stations may be subject to the supervision of the radio committees of each country. Moreover, the radio may also interfere with the flight safety of the aircraft.

Different countries have different management. Generally speaking, the public frequency band (FRS) public walkie-talkie, the effective transmission power is less than 0.5W, and the transmission power is greater than 5 watts. In principle, it must hold the radio station operation certificate and obtain global The unique call sign can be used.


In addition, the civilian frequency of the destination country may not be suitable and should not comply with the relevant regulations. For example, when going to Europe, it is recommended to purchase the corresponding European-band civilian walkie-talkie.