Emergency command system of the MESH self-organizing network makes the command more efficient

Date:Apr 08, 2021

MESH wireless ad hoc network multimedia emergency command system is launched based on years of accumulation of soft switch platform products, which can provide comprehensive multimedia communication methods including voice and video at the same time. The system adopts a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with a brand-new "wireless mesh network" concept. The system is powerful, excellent in performance, easy to deploy, flexible to use, simple to operate, and convenient to maintain. It can provide users with reliability, timeliness, efficiency, and safety. Multimedia integrated services such as clear voice, broadband data, high-definition video and visual command and dispatch of IP protocol. Compared with the traditional dispatch system, the MESH wireless ad hoc network system has the following outstanding features:

1. Emergency command system

The emergency command system software brings users comprehensive multimedia communication methods including audio and video, allowing command staff not only to use audio to issue various emergency command system commands, but also to use video images to grasp the project in real time The situation on the ground, which is conducive to the guidance staff can immediately change the solution based on the development of the situation, and make prompt and efficient guidance. In addition, using the API interface of the system software, users can also connect various business management systems with the emergency command system software to carry out projects, maintain the automatic handling of data and information, and automatically implement the emergency command system according to the emergency plan.

2. Integrative communication platform

The emergency command system software can not only maintain the internal structure of the communication network, but also use various Internet telephone switches to integrate communication with various audio communication networks, and maintain traditional communication networks such as PSTN telephones, GSM/CDMA mobile phones, and PBX communication network private networks. Converged communications. This promotes the emergency command system software to quickly connect the staff of the non-system software internal structure to the emergency command system software, maintain a consistent emergency command system, and meet the needs of multi-functional department coordination.

3. Distributed deployment of IP protocol

  The emergency command system software is based on the IP protocol architecture. It can carry out distributed deployment in areas where the IP protocol network can reach, and can maintain a cross-regional multi-level system software networking solution. The emergency command system software is applicable to multiple command stations, using consistent work management and hierarchical methods to continuously improve the speed of guidance, and to promote efficient coordination of work among different functional departments, achieving cross-regional and cross-departmental under the new model Communication network requirements of the emergency command system.

4. Stronger system stability

The core softswitch platform of the multimedia technology emergency command system system can support main and standby redundancy. In the state of the main machine's mechanical failure, the standby equipment can also take over the main machine autonomously, and the whole conversion process does not need to be controlled manually. The system software adapts to a variety of encryption technologies, which can lock the entire system software and the entire process of voice calls.

The multimedia technology emergency command system software is equipped with detailed communication query records, and the recording network server can also be used to record and replay voice calls. This kind of data information can also be used for customers to develop a traceability system.

Design Ideas of Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Mesh wireless ad hoc network supports any network topology, such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, chain relay, mesh network and hybrid network topology, etc. The hybrid topology application mode is a typical MESH wireless ad hoc network multimedia broadband transmission system One of the applications. The main feature is that the system topology is complex, and the nodes have strong random mobility.

When multiple individual nodes, multiple emergency deployment nodes, and multiple vehicle-mounted nodes form any network topology structure in mobile changes, it can provide voice, data, and video interaction between front-end nodes, and between front-end nodes and back-end nodes. And can upload positioning information. Through multi-view image acquisition, a comprehensive understanding of the on-site situation can be achieved and collaboration capabilities can be greatly improved.

IP protocol multimedia dispatch system overall solution system can realize the following applications:

The cluster system in the area can be connected to the dispatching system to realize the intercom function between the command center and the escort vehicle;

The cluster gateway can be deployed in the escort vehicle and connected to the dispatching system through the mobile public network to realize the intercom function between the command center and the escort vehicle;

It can realize the two-way voice intercommunication and dispatch function between the command center and the escort vehicle through digital relay intercommunication;

It can realize the two-way voice communication with the mobile individual of the escort vehicle through the data link of the mobile public network;

The dispatching system can be used as an administrative office at ordinary times, and it can also use the emergency command function through the command station at any time. The system effectively integrates the office area and the operator’s public network through the dispatch system to achieve coordinated command on a larger scale;

Pre-plan: through the pre-set plan members, before encountering an emergency, you can quickly call relevant personnel to deal with the emergency by starting the plan;

Dynamic group call: The dispatcher can temporarily initiate a dynamic group call to related personnel;

SMS: Dispatcher can send SMS to the mobile phone of the escort vehicle through the dispatching station.

The MESH wireless ad hoc network system solution can be widely used in the military, public security, armed police, fire protection, civil air defense, electric power, petroleum, transportation, water conservancy, forestry, radio and television, medical, water and air communications and other departmental communications, providing users with reliable and timely , Safe and efficient voice, data, video, visual command and dispatch and other rich integrated services, to the greatest extent meet the user's wireless broadband communication needs in normal or emergency situations, and truly achieve "anytime, anywhere on demand".