Five advantages of digital walkie-talkies

Date:Jan 25, 2021

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of wireless communication technology and the rapid increase in user demand for wireless intercom, the basic voice communication functions realized by traditional analog intercoms have long been unable to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users. Compared with analog intercoms, digital intercoms With many performance advantages, it can help significantly improve the reliability, flexibility and intelligence of users' wireless communications.

The most significant advantage of digital walkie-talkies is that it can comprehensively improve frequency utilization efficiency, thereby satisfying the needs of more users. When the channel spacing is adjusted from 25 kHz to 12.5 kHz, the frequency utilization of the walkie-talkie is doubled, and the function of the digital walkie-talkie using TDMA technology to carry two voice channels in one channel also makes the overall channel capacity four times the original;

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Compared with analog walkie-talkies, the error correction technology of digital walkie-talkies improves the effective communication distance and voice clarity of walkie-talkies, and the digital processing technology of digital walkie-talkies also effectively suppresses background noise; enabling users to have a better call experience.

While providing unparalleled high-quality voice calls, the digital system can also provide users with higher call privacy. With up to 16 million user ID codes and digital voices, the digital system achieves better privacy Call function;

In terms of management and scheduling, functions such as single call, group call, and full call have significantly improved the efficiency of group call scheduling management, and many digital applications such as GPS and text messaging have also changed the traditional command and scheduling method to varying degrees, making the team Wireless intercom communication between the two has become more flexible and convenient.

In addition, the use of TDMA technology can also save enterprises' investment in equipment and extend battery life. In the past, the emergence of new technologies has had a huge impact on business operations and IT budgets, and digital walkie-talkies compatible with analog technology will help companies smoothly through the transition period of "analog to digital" and minimize corporate equipment investment. At the same time, the increase in channel capacity has also significantly reduced the cost of enterprise hardware investment; on the other hand, the TDMA digital system divides the power-consuming transmission into two independent time slots. Compared with the analog system of the same power, each transmission only uses Half of the battery power, thereby extending the overall battery time of the walkie-talkie by 40%.

In addition to the digital intercom features listed above, digital communication systems and solutions can also effectively expand the communication range and realize multi-channel, multi-team collaborative communication while restricting the use of illegal users. The IP interconnection system can interconnect multiple relay stations through the IP network, thereby increasing the coverage area of the system; and the multi-channel trunking system and the multi-base station trunking system are suitable for users with a relatively large number of users, and further Improve frequency and utilization efficiency; in addition, various scheduling systems also enrich the functions of digital walkie-talkies, enabling operators to perform tasks such as recording, dispatching, positioning, and work orders.