Handheld video communications

Date:Jan 26, 2018

Handheld video communication refers to the products that can achieve real-time video transmission and communication in the hands of a simple operation. Its main feature is the portability and real-time video transmission, these two features for outdoor construction companies have outstanding business value. Driven by the macroeconomy, construction companies are rethinking the way they communicate and manage with the scene with an unprecedented attitude. The emergence of handheld video communications products to bring people a whole new video communications experience, truly across time and space, feel as if immersed to a certain place. Our handheld video communications products are targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises related to outdoor construction, such as architecture and design institutes, Party A, civil construction parties, road and bridge construction, supervision units and other such companies, which will obtain by using handheld video communications Huge business value and personal value.