How to program Motorola GM300 mobile radio?

Date:Apr 08, 2021

Motorola GM300 mobile radio is divided into 8 channels and 16 channels. Both have advanced functions including "user-programmable priority channel scanning" and "private line (PL) and digital private line (DPL)", 16 channels The model also includes signaling functions compatible with Motorola RapidCall handheld walkie-talkies.

Run GM300.exe and the following screen will appear


This interface tells us that the models supported by the software are GM300, GR300, M120, M10

The software version is: R04.00.00


①Press any key to enter the main menu


②In any menu, you can return to the main menu by pressing "ESC". If you are using a computer to install the software for the first time, you need to set some parameters of the software, please press "F9" to enter the setting menu: press "F3" to set the communication port and backup directory


③Press "F7" to set the display color

Among them, press "F3" to set the communication port, if you have connected the code writer, and the port is connected correctly. Communicate Ok will appear in the upper right corner! And the intercom will have a ‘beep’ tone.


④Press "F8" to save the provisioning file.


⑤Press "F3" in the main menu to enter the input and output menu. Mainly through the code writer to read and write operations on the vehicle-mounted station and read and save files into the disk operation. Press "F4" in the main menu, "F5" will enter the frequency setting menu


If you need to increase or decrease channels, press the "F8" key, the display is as follows: in the "Utility" column, press the up and down keys to select "ADD Mode", "Delt Mode" and other options, select the corresponding function and press "F8", then Perform the corresponding function.