Intercom use

Date:Jan 26, 2018

1. Press the button, you can speak, release the button, you can answer the call

2. Wireless communication equipment, no antenna installed, the prohibition of launch;

3. Handheld radio can not be fired, it should turn off the power switch and then recharge;

4. Did not receive a call signal, do not ask chaos, can not be horizontal contact;

5. When the signal is not clear when the transceiver, the holder can transform their own location for around the move, looking for the best communication location; moving car radio can slow down the vehicle or stop driving methods to enhance sensitivity and increase Call effect

6 hand-held radio station within a meter from the high-power, non-use to prevent burning horn; use handheld radio, away from the computer, so as to avoid interference;

7.Use voltage range, the handheld station is generally 3.7V and 7.4V, fixed station, car station is generally 13.8V DC, the use of external power supply, the use of voltage beyond the voltage range can not be used, otherwise it will damage the radio;

8. Handheld radio charger can not be used for other battery charging, the radio can not use the general battery to prevent "water" into the radio, rotten radio, the handheld station shall not be used for other purposes;

9. Pay attention to the position of the radio microphone so as to prevent the microphone from being in a regular state, interfering with the communication work and causing the radio station to burn out.