Is the charger of the Poc radio universal?

Date:Jan 15, 2021

The public network walkie-talkie has been recognized by users due to its advantages such as no distance restriction, high call confidentiality, rich multimedia functions, strong scalability, and long working hours. Today, I will talk to you about the charger of the public network walkie-talkie. Is it universal?


The rechargeable batteries for Poc radio of various manufacturers have their own charging and discharging characteristics. If the battery is to be durable and life-span extended, it must be operated according to its rules. Today's Poc radio generally use lithium batteries, which have the characteristics of large capacity, good stability, and no memory effect. There are many types of chargers for Poc radio. When the charger that matches the battery is damaged or lost, you cannot just take a charger to charge the battery. It is undeniable that among the many public network walkie-talkie chargers, some of them must be basically consistent with their own public network walkie-talkie batteries. However, there is no instrument on hand to monitor the charging process, even if there is, not everyone can use it. Just try one, it is very blind. In general, the charger cannot be used casually, not only because of the different characteristics, but also because of safety issues.



Precautions for public network interphone charger

The original public network walkie-talkie charger has an overvoltage protection circuit, and is equipped with a rectifier transformer device, which can convert high voltage to low voltage, and convert direct current to alternating current. However, most of the non-original chargers are produced by informal manufacturers, and they do not have a protective coil, which easily causes the voltage or current to be too high and unstable. Too high voltage can easily charge the battery, and sometimes cause a dangerous explosion, and the public network walkie-talkie is also easy to burn out.


Do not cover anything when charging the public network radio

When charging, the voltage of the public network walkie-talkie is higher than the standby state. If an unqualified battery or public network walkie-talkie charger is used, and the charging environment is poor, such as high temperature and humidity, accidents may occur.


Unplug the power plug when the public network radio is not charging

After charging the public network walkie-talkie, remember to unplug the power plug, which can effectively prevent the power bus from causing a fire.


Don't talk while charging

Under normal circumstances, the insulation between components with dangerous voltage and accessible conductive components is broken down or the contact current is too large, which can easily cause electric shock to users. For public network walkie-talkie users, some "talking while charging" is commonplace, so be careful. In addition, low-quality public network walkie-talkie chargers are also easy to catch fire.


Use qualified public network walkie-talkie chargers

When purchasing chargers and batteries for Poc radio, be sure to choose products that are qualified by the original manufacturer. Don't try to buy products with unqualified electrical performance from a small and irregular manufacturer. A good charger has an overheating self-protection circuit inside. When its internal temperature reaches a certain value, it will automatically cut off the power supply to provide a certain degree of protection.



How to deal with poor contact when charging the public network walkie-talkie?

Because Poc radio need a charger to supplement the power. However, poor connection of the charger of the public network interphone occurs from time to time, which will cause the public network two-way radio to be unable to be fully charged, and there will be safety accidents. So why the charger has a poor connection?




ET-A87 (1)

Is it normal to heat up when charging the public network radio?

In our daily life, when we charge the public network walkie-talkie, in addition to the phenomenon of poor charger contact, we will also encounter the phenomenon of public network walkie-talkie charger heating during the charging process, so how to charge the public network walkie-talkie Is the heater normal?


It is normal for the charger of the public network walkie-talkie to heat up when charging, but if it is hot to the touch, pay attention to whether there is a problem with the product quality. The original charger does not rule out possible malfunctions. In addition, when charging, pay attention to whether the power of the charger matches the public network walkie-talkie.


If the charger is not placed in a ventilated place to dissipate heat, or the charging time is too long, the internal electronic components will be on standby for a long time, and they will also heat up. Therefore, the charger plug will be very hot after a long time. Otherwise, your charger is not compatible with the public intercom.


The size of the charger is also one of the key factors for heating. In order to be easy to carry, everyone often likes the charger with a smaller size, and the manufacturer's research and development direction is also moving towards small and precise development. However, the smaller the volume, the worse the heat dissipation performance, and the higher the requirements for electronic components. Take capacitors as an example. High-voltage capacitors are getting smaller and smaller while maintaining the same capacity, and they are better in terms of withstand voltage and temperature. However, if the withstand voltage is not enough, the capacitor will break down, and if the temperature is not enough, it will burst. Open the capacitor. .


The high temperature of the charger also has a great relationship with the switch of the charger. If the switch specification is not high, then the current will pass and the heat will be more. Now everyone knows how the charger heats up! Of course, the heat caused by these reasons is actually normal, but if the charger is really hot to the point of being hot to your hands or there is a peculiar smell, it must be abnormal Everyone should be more vigilant.


To ensure the safety of the charger for Poc radio, we must be vigilant in the charger, use original charger products, especially safety certified, use non-original batteries or chargers for charging, it may happen Burning or exploding can cause personal injury.