What are the advantages of Poc public network radio? Which industries are suitable for use?

Date:Feb 14, 2020

Many people need and are looking for a very wide range of communication solutions. In addition to repeater systems, Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (Poc) systems are becoming increasingly popular in the global communications industry.

The advantage of the Poc radio is that it can talk back at any distance. Unlike the radio based on the private network, the radio of the private network depends on the transmission power, and the radio of the Poc depends on the signal of the network operator. Public network communication is a mobile public network based on the 3G / 4G / 5G frequency band. Using Push-to-Talk technology to provide customers with half-duplex trunked communication services within the coverage of the mobile communication network through mobile phones with public network communication functions.

Advantages of Poc radio:

1.Long communication distance

For wireless devices based on private networks, it is very difficult to communicate over long distances, especially in environments with many obstacles (such as buildings, neighborhoods, etc.) around. Repeaters are needed to expand the communication range, but the cost of repeaters is high. However, with Poc radios, it is possible to communicate on a large scale (even nationwide).

2. Instant communication

Some people may ask why I chose Poc radio instead of mobile phone, and mobile phone can also achieve nationwide communication. But Poc radios are more convenient than mobile phones in that they can instantly communicate with a team or individuals within a team at the touch of a PTT button.

3. Strong call privacy

Poc radio adopts digital system, with strong call confidentiality, and will not cause leaks with the same frequency;

4. Multifunctional

Rich communication functions can realize voice, video, data services; high-end PoC radios have various functions, such as private calling, group calling, camera, GPS positioning, Bluetooth transmission, etc.


Poc Radio Applicable Industries:

1. Large hotels, large supermarkets

Convenient communication is the basic guarantee for the smooth development of hotel service and management staff's daily business. In addition, hotels and supermarkets generally have public network coverage. Therefore, Poc radios can be used at any place and at any time in hotels and supermarkets.

2. Tourism

Through the built-in GPS Poc radio, the tour guide can observe the position information of the group members in real time, so as to maintain close communication and introduction of attractions in the group in real time.

3. Taxi transportation

The taxi transportation industry is a public transportation service that provides services 24 hours. Due to the wide coverage area, it is difficult for radios based on private networks to communicate with each other. Poc radios can achieve ultra-long-distance communication through mobile public networks, allowing taxis to communicate with Links between taxis and between taxis and companies provide convenience.

4. Property management

Many property companies have management work scheduling desks, so a Poc radio with a system can meet more management function requirements.