What if the walkie-talkie signal in the underground is not good and the signal is not received?

Date:Jul 20, 2019

Many users react when using a walkie-talkie, the signal of the walkie-talkie is not good, and there are often intermittent sounds. According to the truth, this situation does not generally occur on high-power walkie-talkies, but it should be known that walkie-talkie communication transmission is affected by various objective factors, such as obstacle blocking, signal shielding area, etc. How to improve the signal coverage of walkie-talkie in a basement or in an open space building?

The reinforced concrete walls of the general residential property basement are relatively thick, the attenuation of the walkie-talkie signal is very large, and it is difficult to communicate with the upstairs in the basic basement. For such customers, if there is a repeater, no frequency resources are added. To expand the coverage of the original base station; through the signal test equipment, it is clear which areas of the basement have signal blind spots, and the antenna layout is added in the blind area;


You need to add a repeater. Take a digital repeater as an example. A digital repeater can use two frequency bands. This requires configuring the repeater according to the customer's own channel usage. Through the coaxial cable and antenna, the entire basement is covered; then an outdoor antenna is added to the top of the building to ensure a good signal in a certain area upstairs.