What Is A Car Radio Speaker? How To Set Up Useful For In-vehicle Reception?

- Jan 02, 2019-


It is interesting to install a mobile radio on a car, operate amateur radio and receive it. However, if you install the radio unit under the seat, the built-in speaker will not cover the sound. An external mobile speaker can solve this problem.

Unlike portable radios, large displays for mobile radios are designed to be easy to operate with one hand, so their ease of use in cars is very good.

Separate the controller from the display and install the controller in an easily accessible location. Fixing a 1 DIN size body under the passenger seat is a common installation.

However, since the speaker is installed in the main unit, if it is placed under the seat, the received sound will be silenced and the sharpness will be reduced.

By moving the speaker, simply connect it to the external speaker interface of the mobile machine's main unit. Depending on the length of the wire, it can be mounted anywhere on the dashboard.

If you set it near the driver, you can hear it as clearly as possible, even on a noisy street. At the same time, it also prevents passengers from hearing the sound so that even your family can hear it.

In addition, if you have two L and R connectors on the external speaker terminals, connecting the two mobile speakers can sound the left and right channels separately. You will be able to hear stereo.