What is a wireless bridge? what's the effect?

Date:Dec 28, 2019


What is a wireless bridge

A wireless bridge is a bridge of a wireless network. It uses wireless transmission to bridge communication between two or more networks. The wireless bridge is divided into a circuit bridge and a data bridge from the communication mechanism.

Wireless bridges can be divided into two types: 2.4G frequency band and 5.8G frequency band. Other frequency bands require additional applications and can only be used after authorization.

2.Ridge works

A wireless bridge transmission system usually consists of two or more wireless devices. Due to the two-way transmission of data, each device must have the ability to transmit and receive wireless signals.

The working principle of a wireless bridge is that the bridge uses air as a medium to propagate signals. In simple terms, the bridge at one end converts the signal in the network cable into a wireless electromagnetic wave signal and transmits it to the air in a directional manner. The bridge at the other end works just the opposite way. It receives wireless electromagnetic wave signals in the air and converts them into wired signals.

Radio signals can be transmitted using air as a transmission medium, which can solve many difficult problems in wired deployment and construction: such as highways, rivers, and mountain barriers, or road hardening, and wired deployment and construction difficulties. Detailed installation steps for outdoor wireless access points.

3. Bridge network

Wireless bridge networking has obvious advantages. It can achieve point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network connection over a distance of up to 50 kilometers, and the data transmission speed is up to 108Mbps. Effectively solve the problem of network connectivity in the interval. As long as the wireless signal coverage area, the client can easily access the network, the converged system does not require any wiring, and the wireless terminal can achieve zero-configuration access, so it is very easy to perform network maintenance and expansion. 

Network bridges are generally used in the following scenarios: wireless data collection, monitoring data transmission, outdoor wireless coverage, outdoor long-range wireless bridging, private ISP wireless broadband, unattended monitoring station data return, etc.