What is an explosion-proof two-way radio? When should it be used?

Date:Sep 10, 2020

The explosion-proof certificate mark (FM) is affixed to the bottom of the explosion-proof two-way radio, indicating that the radio has already been certified according to the explosion-proof certificate. The explosion-proof mark will indicate the applicable risk natural environment level of the radio. The serial number of the explosion-proof rechargeable battery used in the facility, the serial number of the user manual and its available temperature code will be indicated.

The explosion-proof mark is usually affixed after inspection before the radios are shipped from the manufacturer, and it is forbidden to "upgrade" to explosion-proof equipment and attach the explosion-proof mark to other addresses

Which places must use explosion-proof two-way radio?

The application sites of explosion-proof two-way radio include: raw materials or chemical production, transportation and warehousing logistics sites, chemical companies, freighter warehouses, sites with a lot of tiny sand, smoke and dust in the air, wheat flour manufacturing plants, linens Manufacturing plants, machining and manufacturing workshops and coal production and processing sites, etc.

Should you pay attention to these things when using explosion-proof two-way radio in an explosive environment?

Never use a wireless two-way radio that has not been verified by an explosion-proof testing center in all risky air, otherwise it is very easy to cause an explosion or fire accident.

Even the radio verified by the explosion-proof test center will be actually damaged (such as a broken shell) and cannot be used in risky air, otherwise it will easily cause an explosion or fire accident. Do not change batteries and other accessories in a high-risk environment. Touch spark discharge caused by disassembly can cause explosion or fire accident.


Even if the radio tested by the explosion-proof test center is used in hazardous air, the RF connector of the accessory cannot be exposed. When the accessory RF connector is not used, it should be tightly covered with a dust cover. It is not necessary to automatically disassemble and install the radio which has been verified by the explosion-proof inspection center by all means.

Modification of the two-way radio will change the original design of the wireless two-way radio hardware configuration. Only the original manufacturer of the product can implement the modification inside the manufacturing site verified by the explosion-proof type testing center. Unauthorized modification will invalidate the radio explosion-proof certificate.