What is the difference between professional and commercial radio?

Date:May 30, 2020


Differences in appearance

Professional two-way radios are used in public safety, fire protection, petroleum and petrochemical, forestry, etc.

Industries, the operating environment of these industries is harsh, and sometimes it is necessary to charge ahead,Therefore, a sturdy, strong, reliable shape is formed.

And hotels, properties, supermarkets, entertainment venues, schools and other users

Pay more attention to the speed of communication and the portability of the device

The small, lightweight, stylish and simple "elite" is more popular.

Differences in Voice quality

The difference in the use environment creates the difference between the two in terms of voice quality. Whether professional radio can keep listening to the contents of sending and receiving is always related to the safety of life and property. For this reason, professional two-way radios have greatly improved in noise suppression and anti-crosstalk capabilities, and the wireless performance is particularly excellent.

In comparison, the communication environment of commercial places such as supermarkets, hotels, etc. is not "challenging" unlike the environment of professional two-way radios. The noise suppression capability of commercial radios is relatively poor, but it can also ensure that users receive loud voice.

Differences in functions

Commercial two-way radios have comprehensive capabilities in design, function, data capabilities, and intelligent applications. But professional two-way radio is still a better choice to meet the diverse needs of users. Support multiple communication interfaces for users to do secondary development; provide powerful business support for positioning, work order management, WiFi programming and other diverse functions.