What is the difference between Two-way radio and Walkie-Talkie, how to choose?

Date:May 25, 2019

I believe there is a problem that confuses some people who need to purchase emergency communications or rookie radio enthusiasts:

 What is the difference between two-way radio and walkie-talkie? Also, Transceiver, HT radio, Intercom, what is it? What kind of product do I buy?

1. 'two-way radio' is the official name in English. It is a two-way communication tool that can talk without any network support, no call charges, and is suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls.

Such as Motorola DP1400 two-way radio .Motorola-DP1400

2. 'Walkie-Talkie' is the oral life expression of American English. It literally means walking while talking. It generally refers to the low-end civilian frequency band(Such as PMR446) two-way radio. The same is true for 'walky-talky'.Such as Motorola TLKR T50 Walkie-Talkie.Motorola-TLKR-T50

3. Some manufacturers like to use ‘Transceiver’, which is generally referred to as an amateur radio transceiver.Such as Kenwood TS-590s Transceiver.


4. HT radio, 'HT' stands for handheld Transceiver. It mainly refers to amateur radio transceivers, but it is handheld.

5. 'Intercom' generally refers to the network intercom phone device, which needs to be guaranteed by a network operation server, such as real-time calls implemented by Whatsapp. This fact has nothing to do with two-way radio.