Why mobile phones cannot replace two-way radios?

Date:Sep 17, 2019

Now with the rapid development of mobile phones, the current mobile phone has many functions, which can replace most of the electronic products, such as telephones, TVs, music players, computers, etc., but everyone will be in daily life. It has been found that many places still use two-way radio in communication.

Then the problem comes. If the two-way radio is compared with the mobile phone, I believe everyone will think that the mobile phone is so convenient now. Why use two-way radio? Indeed, the development of mobile phone technology is very fast, but no matter what it is. The mobile phone configuration is higher and faster, but the mobile phone wants to make a call or access the Internet, then it still needs to rely on the base stations of the major operators, and then can obtain the three major operators to provide network services to the mobile phone through the base station. Communicate or go online.

However, the two-way radio is different. The two-way radio works by modulating the circuit and transmitting the voice signal through the antenna of the two-way radio in the form of electromagnetic waves. The speed of the electromagnetic wave is the same as the speed of light, 300000 kilometers per second. It is instantaneously spread out, and the two-way radio can realize cluster instant messaging, which is very convenient and suitable for cluster work.


It can be said that the biggest feature of two-way radio is that all two-way radios can be called within a short distance. The mobile phone can only talk one-on-one, but the two-way radio can make multiple people talk together. For example, if a task needs to be delivered to multiple units at the same time, then you can use the mobile phone to make one call at a time. Inconvenient, if you use two-way radio, you can achieve the so-called one-stop effect, although now software like chat software can achieve this function, but always take the phone, it also consumes network traffic, and once encountered Mines, seas, and other places where there is no network, even the best mobile phones can only be useless.

However, although the two-way radio works more than a mobile phone at work, its communication security is not as good as that of a mobile phone, and it is easily interfered by other radio bands. What should we do? Actually, the problem is not big, the current digital two-way radio It is very good to encrypt the communication and ensure the security of the communication.

Another very important point is the role of two-way radio in an emergency situation, which is irreplaceable by mobile phones, especially in some major natural disasters, once the operator’s base station is damaged in a disaster and cannot work, That mobile phone can not be used, it is equal to a brick, and the opposite two-way radio can be used, especially short-wave radio, can also achieve long-distance communication, know that in a major natural disaster, this can play Very important roles are generally the items that government departments must bring in disaster relief operations.