Kenwood TH D74

Kenwood TH D74

Kenwood TH-D74 is a digital UHF/VHF amateur radio that is easy to use and has the advantages of digital Transeiver, supporting the D-STAR protocol and the Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS). The APRS can be used in conjunction with the APRS software of the mobile phone to see the APRS beacon location received by the hand station on the mobile phone map. Built-in 4-band voice, you can send voice with one click. It also has a colorful translucent TFT display that provides excellent visibility both during the day and at night. In addition, TH-D74 also has built-in GPS and Bluetooth, and can write frequency and parameter settings through Bluetooth. And Micro SD memory cards that support Micro USB cable connections and SDHC specifications.
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Product Details

Kenwood TH-D74 Digital Amateur handheld radio

  • Support APRS system

    Two-way data transmission is realized by packet communication. Kenwood TH-D74 has a variety of functions, including sharing current geographic location information and geographic information exchange.

  • Support D-STAR protocol

    Voice and data communication modes are supported simultaneously through an amateur radio communication network. Local and international communication is achieved through different operations, including simplex communication, single repeater forwarding communication, and network relay gateway communication.

  • High-performance voice digital signal processing

    The unit comes equipped with an audio equalizer that enables the setting of each of a 5-band reception EQ (0.4~6.4kHz) and 4-band transmission EQ (0.4~3.2kHz), making it possible to adjust sound quality to your preference.

  • Built-in Intermediate Frequency filter for smoother reception

    The IF reduces neighboring interference signals during SSB or CW reception, and enables low-interference reception with its excellent skirting capacity.

  • Wideband and multimode reception

    Wideband reception is possible on Band B. In addition to DV/DV Fast Data/FM/NFM/WFM/AM on the 0.1~524MHz bands, SSB/CW reception is also possible. The unit comes with a fine mode that achieves zeroing-in with a minimum step frequency of 20Hz , and is equipped with a bar antenna for 0.1~10MHz reception. It also has VxV, UxU, and VxU simultaneous receive functionality.

  • Built-in GPS

    The unit is equipped with a high-performance GPS patch antenna. It also features closest D-STAR protocol repeater search, along with a GPS receiver function that stores movement paths, and an automatic time correction function.

  • Standard compatibility on a rich interface

    The unit features standard compatibility for Bluetooth. SDHC Micro SD memory card and micro-USB ports are also included, enabling operation via an interface flexibly linked with a PC.

  • Greater convenience through free PC software

    Available software includes the MCP-D74 program, which enables the management of settings including memory on a PC, and the program which enables free changing of the unit’s frequency via PC.

  • Meeting IP54/55 standards

    We increased dust and water resistant in anticipation of tough conditions, using heavy-duty specs so you never have to worry about the dusty outdoors or sudden showers

  • Other features

    • 1000 fequency channels

    • 1500 repeater lists

    • 4-stage transmission output switching

    • Voice recording functionality

    • GPS receiver mode

    • 50 CTCSS frequencies / 104 DCS codes

    • DTMF memory

    • FM radio mode

Band A(Tx)


Band A(Rx)

Band B(Rx)
Power Output0.05-5W
Channel Capacity

Accessories includes

  • Standard : 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery KNB-75L

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter