Kenwood TKD 3188

Kenwood TKD 3188

Kenwood TKD-3188 is a two-way radio that complies with the PDT digital standard. It has PDT digital function and MPT analog function to meet US military standard MIL-810 C/D/E/F protection test. Built-in GPS receiver module can receive GPS positioning. Information, suitable for public emergency communications.
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Product Details

Kenwood TKD-3188 Digital two-way radio

  • 2-inch large QVGA color transflective TFT LCD

    The LCD screen uses a 2-inch color QVGA (320 × 240 pixels) resolution transflective TFT display. Also, the text/marks arranged in the lower part of the display can be displayed in two lines, and more information can be seen at a time.

  • Support PDT digital trunking/MPT analog trunking function

    TKD-3188 supports the regular communication functions and cluster communication functions of the PDT standard, enabling efficient use of frequencies. It can also flexibly correspond to the development of communication networks. In addition, because the machine has the PDT digital cluster and the MPT analog cluster dual mode, it can make the existing analog communication system not need to be completely eliminated at one time, and can smoothly transition to the digital communication system, which is a cost-effective product.

  • GPS positioning and status sensing

    TKD-3188 has a built-in GPS receiver. The current position of the radio can be measured by GPS satellites and the location information can be sent wirelessly to the base station. Voice communication and data communication can be used together. In terms of the base station, the received location information is displayed on the computer display screen in real time, and the holder can determine it at a glance. In addition, the unit has a built-in status sensor with a fall alarm function. When the state in which the radio is in the reverse state exceeds the preset time, it is determined that the abnormality of the holder is present, and the emergency alarm signal can be automatically issued.

  • Configurable multiple vocoders

    The vocoder is software-based and can be configured with vocoders tailored to your needs. Through internal optimization, speech with low background noise and high definition can be obtained, and the speech delay unique to digital two-way radio is minimized.

  • High quality, high durability

    Designed to a high standard, the TKD-3188 is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments. The environmental test meets the requirements of the US military standard MIL-STD810C/D/E/F/G for vibration, shock, and rain, temperature, and dust. In addition, it meets the international protection rating IP54/55 in terms of dust and water resistance.

  • Other features

  • - 4W transmit power

  • - 512 channels / 128 zones

  • - 6 programmable function keys and menu keys are configured in front

  • - Side configuration 2 programmable keys and emergency alarm /AUX key

  • - Group call · Individual call alert LED

  • - Registration · Cancellation

  • - Emergency alarm function that can be used in an emergency

  • - Busy channel lock function

  • - Battery low voltage alarm function

  • - Scanning function

  • - Operation menu is open and editable

  • - prompt tone self-editing

Power Output1-4W
Channel Capacity512

Accessories includes

  • 1480mAh Battery(KNB-55L),2000mAh Battery(KNB-57L)

  • Charger

  • Antenna

  • Belt Clip