Kenwood TK 2207G

Kenwood TK-2207G is a professional handheld two-way radio with reliable performance. It has powerful features including priority scanning, VOX and voice finishing, and can work reliably in any working environment, in line with US military standard MIL-STD810 and European standard IP54/55 rainwater testing standards. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, sunny or rainy, the TK-2207G is competent.
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Product Details

Kenwood TK-2207G Two-way radio

  • Channel sound prompt

    When the channel knob is turned, the radio "reads out" the selected channel number, which is a convenient and accurate way to convert channels only by sound.

  • Priority scan

    Scanning is a simple way to monitor multiple channels (up to 16 channels). This unit provides standard scanning and priority scanning to enable instant response to calls on multiple channels without the need to manually search or replace channels. .

  • Rugged and waterproof

    Rugged housing and aluminum frame, through the European standard IP54/55 and US military standard MIL-STD810 "strong wind" waterproof test and meet / meet 11 extremely strict MIL-STD810C / D / E / F test standards.


    CTCSS and DQT are used for grouping when starting and sharing channels. The DTMF phone control code can send the up/down line code of the /wireless adapter. DTMF can be used as the selective call and automatically answer. Both selective call formats (FleetSync, DTMF) have ringing prompts and LED displays.

  • Small and lightweight

    The ultra-small body feels extremely good, the channel knob uses elastomeric seams to ensure slip resistance, and improved torque characteristics make operation easier.

  • Battery working time

    The optional KNB-29N NiMH battery is lightweight and easy to carry, with a working time of up to 14 hours. (Battery working time is calculated according to "5-5-90" work cycle)

  • Group function buttons

    Two programmable function buttons on the side of the TK-2207G allow the user to define the functions that are suitable for use.



Power Output1-5W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes