Kenwood TK 3178

Kenwood TK-3178 is a handheld two-way radio of MPT signaling trunking. Its compact design and ergonomics make it easy to achieve secondary development through user-friendly FLASH ROM and technology interface. Professional wireless scheduling functions such as real-time patrol, emergency alert, GPS positioning, etc. By using the wireless communication platform, the management level and technical content of the user can be greatly improved, the complicated scheduling management work is more systematic, and the personal safety of the end user is more guaranteed. Ideal for public safety workers.
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Product Details

Kenwood TK-3178 Handheld Two-way radio

  • Lightweight design

    Lightweight design, easy to carry, ergonomic The design of the program, the use of the grip has a good sense of comfort.

  • Keypad

    Keypad backlighting, easy to operate, and programmable to define work Can key.

  • Battery usage indicator

    4-level battery capacity status indication, and With low voltage alarm function, users can clearly understand Battery usage, battery replacement or charging in time

  • Built-in voice encryption

    Built-in voice encryption for special voice spectrum Handle to prevent the call content from being eavesdropped.

  • Voice compression and expansion

    Uses voice compression and expansion to improve voice quality and sound clarity.

  • Self-made ringtones

    Self-made ringtones can define and choose 8 different ringing Sound, meet classification needs or personal preferences.

  • Flash ROM memory

    Using Flash ROM memory, using dedicated soft Can replace the communication machine working software for future software The upgrade lays the foundation.

  • Function expansion

    Built-in complete interface socket and wide Ample space, no need to open the machine, you can install external control Board, for secondary development and expansion.

  • Computer programming

    Set up communication with programming software and programming cable Machine frequency, function and other parameters.

  • Strong and sturdy

    TK-2178/3178 has excellent performance Environmental adaptability. Meets US military standard MIL-STD 810C, D, E, F vibration, shock, dust, rain, etc. 11 environmental requirements. Especially in terms of rain resistance, The international IP54/55 standard test.

  • MPT signal trunking

    Fully compliant with the MPT-1327/1343 standard. With multi-system access, you can set up Set 6 sets of network parameters, and can be set to CPSx respectively System or MPT1343 system, users can freely switch use. You can pre-store 99 call address lists, simple, Quickly make various types of calls.

    Support single call, group through cluster call function Call, conference call, broadcast call, cross-region/cross-team call, status call, PABX/PSTN call, priority call, emergency call, short data call , NDD priority scan, background scan, call Transfer, do not disturb, missed call stack, data interface




Power Output1-4W
Channel Capacity128

Accessories includes

  • KNB-35L Li-ion battery(1950 mAh)

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter