Kenwood NX 3720

KENWOOD NX-3720 is a NEXEDGE digital mobile radio. Based on the concept of flexible and versatile, it is designed to meet the professional dispatching and communication communication of different customers. The initial state is the NXDN digital protocol, which is an ultra-narrowband digital car radio. The optional DMR standard can be changed to a 2-slot TDMA digital radio station that supports the DMR digital protocol without adding or changing any hardware. In addition, the NX-3720 is also compatible with the analog mode. NXDN digital/analog or DMR digital/analog dual mode can be selected according to the user's situation, which allows users to smoothly transition from analog to digital. In addition, the NX-3720 can further expand its feature-rich application capabilities by purchasing a feature license for a wider range of applicability.
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Product Details

Kenwood NX-3720 NXDN Digital mobile radio

  • Excellent design


  • • 4-line full dot matrix display. It can display Chinese, English, numbers, icons and other information.

  • • 7-color LED indicator. Prompt for different working conditions.

  • • Has built-in speaker and external speaker switch.

  • • Built-in AMBE+2 vocoder.

  • • Built-in emergency alarm function.

  • • With voice prompts. And you can edit the voice input. • Recording/playback function: Segmented recording, total length of 600 seconds.

  • • Wireless write frequency function (optional)

  • • Adopt Active Noise Cancellation (ANR) to ensure excellent voice quality.

  • • Configure DB15 standard sockets for easy connection to external devices and extended applications.

  • • Strong and sturdy. It meets the US military standard MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G 11 environmental test standards.Dust and waterproof have passed the test of international standard IP54.

  • Digital-NXDN mode

  • • Ultra narrow band FDMA mode. Programmable selection of 6.25 kHz inter-channel and 12.5 kHz channel spacing. Flexible use and high spectrum utilization.


  • • Support voice services: individual call selection, group call, full call. • Support data services: status information, text information (short data, long data), transparent transmission * *


  • • 15 bit voice encryption.


  • • Air alias feature. The caller sends its own alias or ID to the recipient for display.


  • • Remote/Resurrection/Remote Monitoring/Remote Detection (on-demand configuration)


  • • Digital/analog mixed mode, dual mode dual standby, adaptive response.


  • • 63 RAN codes.


  • • NEXEDGE Type C Digital Trunking and Gen2 Digital Trunking

  • Digital-DMR mode (optional)

  • • Meets the DMR Tier丨丨 standard. 12.5 kHz carrier frequency 2 time slot TDMA mode.


  • • Support voice services: individual calls, group calls, and full calls.

  • • Support data services: status information, text information.

  • • Has a call demolit function.


  • • Dual time slot communication in pass-through mode.


  • • A repeater that automatically determines and switches to the best signal in a multi-transit station IP network. Roaming communication eliminates the need to manually switch channels.


  • • Remote/Resurrection/Remote Monitoring/Remote Detection.

  • • Built-in 15bit digital encryption and DLR standard ARC4 40bit encryption.

Analog mode

  • • Support for analog regular mode and LTR clusters

  • • PTT-ID/ANI/caller ID display function.


  • • Built-in scramble encryption.


  • • Built-in multiple signaling: QT/DQT encoding and decoding, DTMF encoding/decoding, FleetSync/ FleetSync II. MDC1200


136-174 MHz

Power Output5-25W
Channel Capacity512,1000(Optional)

Accessories includes

  • Hanheld Microphone KMC-35

  • DC power cable 

  • fuse 

  • Antenna

  • Mounting Bracket