Kenwood NX 720

Kenwood NX-720 is a digital car radio with a compact design that supports NXDN digital routines and digital clustering. NXDN digital cluster multi-base station IP networking and other standards. Meet the requirements of the international dustproof and waterproof standard IP54, frequency range.Covers 136 174MFHz. Is a feature-rich,A wide range of general purpose products.
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Product Details

Kenwood NX-720 Digital mobile radio

  • Narrowband, high frequency utilization

    NX-710 is compliant with the NXDN digital technology standard and uses ultra-narrowband FDMA. The minimum spacing of digital channels can reach 6.25KHz. The frequency band use efficiency has been greatly improved.

  • Digital/analog dual mode

    The signal can be adaptively received in the normal mixing mode. The caller is automatically replied to the nature of the received signal for mixed use with the analog radio. Support user transition from analog to digital smoothing.

  • High sensitivity, long communication distance

    The reception sensitivity of 6.15 kHz digital signal is as high as 0.2 μv at 3% error rate. Communication coverage is large.

  • Support multiple systems

    NX-720 is available at NEXEDGE Conventional single base station system, Conventional multi-base station networking system, Single base station digital trunking system, Multi-base station IP networked digital only group system As well as simulating conventional systems, Work in an analog LTR signaling cluster system. Support system functions.

  • Support multiple signaling

    Analog mode with FleetSync digital signaling encoding and decoding, QT/DQT encoding and decoding, DTMF encoding and decoding functions, two-tone signaling encoding and decoding functions. And, it can be compatible with MDC-1100 digital signaling.

  • Support secondary development

    The rear panel is fitted with a standard DB15 interface socket. Provides input/output of multiple signals. Built-in computer control instructions. Easy to redevelop.

  • Strong and sturdy

    NX-720 meets 11 environmental test requirements of US military standards MIL-SID 810C, D, E, F, G, etc. Pass the test of international dustproof and waterproof standard IP54.

  • Other functions

- Priority scan function

- Single zone / multi zone / list scanning function

- Remote/resurrection function

- Air programming function (optional)




Power Output5-25W
Channel Capacity260

Accessories includes