Kenwood NX 840

Although the analog two-way radio still occupies a large proportion in the field of professional wireless communication, the development of digitalization is an unquestionable trend. The NEXEDGE NX-840 digital mobile radio, which provides greater effective coverage and low noise, high-quality voice from clarity, and inherent privacy features, was born. Just as the market is eagerly awaiting Kenwood products, intuitive operation, superb performance and all-weather reliability can be standardized as expected. Not only that, the NX-840 has dual operating features: it offers both analog FM and NXDN digital modes, allowing users to smoothly transition from existing analog systems to the digital age.
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Product Details

Kenwood NX-840 Digital mobile radio

  • NXDN Digital Standard

    NX-710 is compliant with the NXDN digital technology standard and uses ultra-narrowband FDMA. The minimum spacing of digital channels can reach 6.25KHz. The frequency band use efficiency has been greatly improved.

  • Powerful performance

    NX-840 has a transmit power of 25W. The NX-840 UHF frequency range spans up to 70MHz.

  • High security

    In the analog mode, the 16-code voice scrambling encryption function helps ensure the security of communication. The high-security NXDN encryption algorithm can be used in digital mode.

  • 32 channels/2 zones

    NX-840 can be configured with two regular working zones, each providing up to 16 channels.

  • Digital/analog mode switchable

    NX-840 combines analog and digital representations: The analog area operates on the 12.5kHV25kHz channel. The digital zone operates on the 6.25KHz/12.5kHz NXDN digital channel. Use a pre-programmed key to easily switch between the two work areas. The 6.25 kHz digital channel can effectively increase the utilization of the frequency band and provide a larger coverage than the horizontal channel.

  • NXDN digital regular mode

    NEXEDGE digital regular mode provides 64 RAN codes (wireless access codes) for group calls and selective access to the repeater, just like QT/DQT in analog mode, ensuring fast connection and efficient communication.

  • GPS function

    By installing a GPS receiver module for the NX-840, the vehicle's accurate position data (from GPS satellites) can be sent to the central base station for fleet management to achieve automatic positioning of the vehicle.

  • External DB15 interface

    DB15 interface socket is used to connect peripheral devices. Such as achieving ignition sensing. External switch and whistle alarm and other functions.    The KCI-60 cable (optional) is compatible with the Molcx interface.

  • Other functions

Digital mode

  • · Air alias (transmission only)

  • · Paging

  • · Individual selection and group call

  • · Status information

  • · Remote monitoring

  • · Cross-site roaming

  • · Delayed joining

  • · NXDN Electronic Serial Number code verification

General function

  • · Multiple scanning

  • · 4-color LED (blue / red / green / orange)

  • · 9 programmable buttons

  • · Voice prompts (can choose Chinese and English)

  • · Emergency call

  • · Remote / logout

  • · Single work safety tips

  • · Transmission time limit

  • · Busy letter reverse lock

  • · Trumpet alarm

  • · Ignition sensing

  • · KPG-1/5DWindows system programming software

  • · Wired copy

  • · Password protection

  • · PTT release sound



Power Output5-45W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes