Kenwood TK 2170

Kenwood TK 2170

Compact DesignCompact enough to carry anywhere with ease, this smart new radio has a distinctively ergonomic form that's handy to hold and operate. Enhanced KENWOOD Audio The TK-2170/3170 provides loud, clear audio even in noisy environments. 128 Channels / 128 Zones The convenient 128...

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Compact DesignCompact enough to carry anywhere with ease, this smart new radio has a distinctively ergonomic form that's handy to hold and operate.

Enhanced KENWOOD Audio


The TK-2170/3170 provides loud, clear audio even in noisy environments.

128 Channels / 128 Zones


The convenient 128 channel/128 zone capability accommodates virtually any current or future capacity requirement for single or multiple site radio systems.

LTR Trunking Zones (UHF Only)


The TK-3170 operates on LTR trunking systems with UHF frequency range. It offers a maximum of 128 zones per radio and 250 groups IDs per zone.

8-Character LCD Display


The backlit LCD with 8-character, 13 segment aliases and icons provides an easy-to-read channel, function and FleetSync® messaging display day or night.

Battery Status Indicator


For extra convenience, a 4-step battery status indicator notifies the user immediately of the amount of charge remaining by visual indication (icons) or tone alert.

Robust & Reliable


The TK-2170/3170 is built to survive the hard knocks, drops and all weather environments of its users. It meets or exceeds the stringent IP54/55 dust and water intrusion standards and the MILSTD 810 C, D, E & F environmental standards including the demanding "driven rain" test.

* MIL-STD/IP54/55 compatibility requires use of the terminal cover supplied with the SP-Mic.

FleetSync®:PTT ID, Selcall & Emergency


KENWOOD's FleetSync® digital signalling system includes PTT ID digital ANI for instant radio call identification and Emergency status for personnel safety. FleetSync® also includes status messaging, selective calling and short/long text dispatch messaging features. Emergency Calling notifies a dispatcher of personnel in distress by activation of an orange colored emergency key.

QT/DQT,DTMF & 2-Tone Signalling


In addition to FleetSync® , the TK-2170/3170 includes industry standard signalling formats: QT/DQT, 2-Tone (encode/decode) can be utilized for talk groups, system access and selective calling. DTMF permits DTMF PTT ID, telephone interconnect operation, individual/group selective calling and remote radio disable/enable (remote stun).



Multi-channel call monitoring can be customized for users with single/multi-zone scan and delete/add scan features. Priority Scan automatically checks a primary channel for activity while receiving a call on a non-priority channel. Convenience features such as Priority-channel Stop Tone, Temporary Delete, and Revert Channel Display facilitate userfriendly operation and eliminate confusion.

Wide Battery Selection


The TK-2170/3170 offers a lightweight Li-Ion battery (KNB-24L/35L), ideal for low-temperature environments; a durable Ni-Cd battery (KNB-25A); and a powerful Ni-MH battery (KNB-26N) for extra-long life.

Voice Inversion Scrambler


The built-in voice inversion scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping.

Easy Option Port (20-PIN)


KENWOOD's plug-in option port makes the compatible after-market board installation quick and simple.

Vox Ready


The TK-2170/3170 offers convenient hands-free operation with a compatible headset. The TK-2170/3170 internal VOX (voice-operated transmission) circuitry provides automatic PTT and a 10-level sensitivity adjustment for different ambient noise levels.

other features











General Features


- Programmable function keys

- Emergency & man-down features

- Operator-selectable tone (conventional)

- Encryption & ani module control

- Embedded message with password

- Radio lock password

- Power-on lcd message

- Flash memory

- Microsoft windowsr pc programming & tuning


TK-2170 TK-3170


Frequency Range

Type 1

Type 3  

136 ~ 174 MHz


440 ~ 480 MHz

400 ~ 430 MHz

Number of Channels


Conv. Ch

Trunking GID  

Max. 128 per Radio

Max. 128 per Zone


Max. 128 per Radio

Max. 128 per Zone

Max. 250 per Zone

Channel spacing


25, 30 kHz/12.5,15 kHz  

25 kHz/12.5 kHz

Battery voltage 7.5 V DC ± 20 %

Battery life

(5-5-90 duty cycle, during hi-power, battery saver off)

with KNB-24L (1400mAh)

with KNB-25A (1200mAh)

with KNB-26N (2000mAh)

with KNB-35L (1950mAh)  


Approx. 9 hours

Approx. 8 hours

Approx. 12 hours

Approx. 11 hours

Operating Temperature Range* 30°C ~ +60°C

Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm (-30°C ~ +60°C)

Antenna impedance 50 Ω

Channel frequency spread

Type 1

Type 3  

38 MHz  

40 MHz

30 MHz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Projections not Included

Radio Only

with KNB-24L/35L

with KNB-25A/26N  

56 x 109 x 16.6 mm

56 x 109 x 31.7 mm

56 x 109 x 37.9 mm

Weight (net)

Radio Only

with KNB-24L

with KNB-25A

with KNB-26N

with KNB-35L  

205 g (includes supplied accessories)

350 g [with antenna (KRA-22/23) and belt clip (KBH-12)]

415 g [with antenna (KRA-22/23) and belt clip (KBH-12)]

455 g [with antenna (KRA-22/23) and belt clip (KBH-12)]

340 g [with antenna (KRA-22/23) and belt clip (KBH-12)]

RECEIVER (Measurements made per TIA/EIA-603)

Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD)



0.25 µV

0.28 µV




70 dB

65 dB

Intermodulation distortion



65 dB

60 dB

Spurious Response 65 dB

Audio Output (4 Ω impedance) 500 mW with less than 5% distortion

TRANSMITTER (Measurements made per TIA/EIA-603)

RF Output Power


Low 5 W

1 W 4 W

1 W

Spurious Response 70 dB

Type of Emission



16KΦ F3E 11KΦ F3E

FFM HUM & Noise



45 dB

43 dB

Audio Distortion Less than 5%

*-10°C ~ +60°C when KNB-24L/26N/35L in use

KENWOOD reserves the right to change specifications and features without prior notice.

FleetSync® is a registered trademark of KENWOOD Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Applicable MIL-STD & IP

Standard MIL 810C

Methods/Procedures MIL 810D

Methods/Procedures MIL 810E

Methods/Procedures MIL 810F


Low Pressure 500.1/Procedure I 500.2/Procedure I, II 500.3/Procedure I, II 500.4/Procedure I, II

High Temperature 501.1/Procedure I, II 501.2/Procedure I, II 501.3/Procedure I, II 501.4/Procedure I, II

Low Temperature 502.1/Procedure I 502.2/Procedure I, II 502.3/Procedure I, II 502.4/Procedure I, II

Temperature Shock 503.1/Procedure I 503.2/Procedure I 503.3/Procedure I 503.4/Procedure I, II

Solar Radiation 505.1/Procedure I 505.2/Procedure I 505.3/Procedure I 505.4/Procedure I

Rain 506.1/Procedure I, II 506.2/Procedure I, II 506.3/Procedure I, II 506.4/Procedure I, III

Humidity 507.1/Procedure I, II 507.2/Procedure II, III 507.3/Procedure II, III 507.4

Salt Fog 509.1/Procedure I 509.2/Procedure I 509.3/Procedure I 509.4

Dust 510.1/Procedure I 510.2/Procedure I 510.3/Procedure I 510.4/Procedure I, III

Vibration 514.2/Procedure VIII, X 514.3/Procedure I 514.4/Procedure I 514.5/Procedure I

Shock 516.2/Procedure I, II, V 516.3/Procedure I, IV 516.4/Procedure I, IV 516.5/Procedure I, IV

International Protection Standard

Dust & Water Protection IP54/55

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