Kirisun M50

Kirisun M50 is a Poc mobile radio based on 4G network. It supports global instant PTT clusters, has a cost-effective public network cluster system, and can realize a network that is easy to deploy and expand.

Product Details

Kirisun M50 Mobile PoC radio


Band 38/39/40/41

Band 1/2/3/5

Band 1/2/5/8Band 34/391xEVBO:BC0850/900/1800/19002.4/5Ghz
Power Output0.20W ± 0.1W / 23dBm ±2.7dB0.25W ± 0.1W / 24dBm ±1.5dB2W ± 0.5W / 33.5dBm ±1.5dBN/A

Accessories includes

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