Kirisun M50

Kirisun M50 is a Poc mobile radio based on 4G network. It supports global instant PTT clusters, has a cost-effective public network cluster system, and can realize a network that is easy to deploy and expand.
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Product Details

Kirisun M50 Mobile PoC radio

  • Portable design, easy to install

    Lightweight and compact, supporting installation with different accessories.

  • Global PTT service, supporting dual SIM cards

    Users can use PTT services worldwide through public operators' existing mature 2G / 3G networks, and can support dual SIM cards simultaneously.

  • 4G / Wi-Fi network

    Multiple flexible PTT working environment. When WIFI is turned on, WIFI will be the first choice of working environment;

  • NFC / Bluetooth (optional)

    Both NFC and Bluetooth function modules support expansion, such as patrol system, access control system or other third-party applications.

  • A-GPS positioning

    A-GPS (combination of intercom GPS module and public network base station) integrates positioning information of public network base station and GPS positioning data of vehicle GPS module to provide faster and more accurate GIS data information.

  • Clear voice. Record, download and play

    Echo suppression and large-diameter high-quality speakers ensure clearer, greater volume and less distortion.

  • Support various voice and data services

    Maximize the user's habits and support various voice functions.Call (full call / group call / single call); voice (incoming call / short message broadcast / call permission, etc.)

  •  Advanced signaling services

    Support Beidou and GPS system positioning, real-time positioning accuracy; with the dispatch management system, you can view the member's real-time status, motion trajectory and motion orientation, etc., to achieve the trajectory, member status information is well documented, master member activity itinerary, let scheduling work More precise and efficient.

  • Multiple voice call modes

    Support advanced features, such as: remote halo / remote dead / remote wake up, roaming, etc., to increase customer management flexibility.


Band 38/39/40/41

Band 1/2/3/5

Band 1/2/5/8Band 34/391xEVBO:BC0850/900/1800/19002.4/5Ghz
Power Output0.20W ± 0.1W / 23dBm ±2.7dB0.25W ± 0.1W / 24dBm ±1.5dB2W ± 0.5W / 33.5dBm ±1.5dBN/A

Accessories includes

  • Handheld Microphone

  • DC power cable 

  • Microphone hanger kit

  • Mounting bracket kit

  • Fuses