Kirisun PT558S

Kirisun PT558S is an analog handheld two-way radio with a novel, stylish design that is lightweight and compact. With timeout timer, low battery warning, busy channel lock and other functions. PT558S has the characteristics of clear and loud sound and good signal. The most important thing is that it is economical and very suitable for use in large supermarkets, large-scale real estate, parking lots and other industries.
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Product Details

Kirisun PT558S Portable Two-way radio

  • Voice broadcast

    Use voice broadcast function to communicate anytime, anywhere, suitable for outdoor, construction, self-driving tour, etc.

  • Fine workmanship

    Fine and exquisite workmanship, strict pursuit of details, perfect radio quality.

  • Emergency warning

    When an emergency situation occurs, you can press and hold the 'emergency alarm button' and use the shortcut key to call for help.

  • Exquisite appearance

    PT558S radio, the grid design of the radio surface is novel

  • High quality circuit

    The perfect combination of circuit board and radio, the snap-on design is in place

  • Sound quality is clear and loud

    Sound quality is clear, stereo surround, let people It is clear enough to hear the relevant data broadcast.



Power Output1-4W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • Li-lon 1200mAH battery

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter