Kirisun S785

Kirisun S785 is professional digital handheld two-way daio. designed and manufactured based on the DPMR standard. They have a mixed digital and analog work mode, and can share DPMR digital / analog relay stations to build a system network. Provide users with digital-analog compatible system equipment and optimized coverage solutions to reduce the cost of wireless communication system construction. Applicable industries: public utilities, industrial and commercial enterprises, such as forestry, transportation, logistics, energy, electricity, water conservancy, government affairs, property management, supermarkets, hotels, etc.
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Product Details

Kirisun S785 Digital Two-way radio

  • Dustproof, dropproof, and waterproof

    Professionally designed handheld radio, durable. Dustproof, waterproof and drop resistant

  • Full band coverage

    400-470MHz full band coverage, wide coverage and strong signal.

  • High-fidelity call sound quality

    Excellent environmental noise suppression, clearer digital calls. S785 signal receiver has high sensitivity and stable signal.

  • Voice encryption

    Advanced digital key encryption, secure call security.

  • Other features

    Digital function:

    1. FDMA frequency division multiple access technology, the spectrum utilization rate is doubled

    2. Support digital mode and analog mode

    3. Digital voice encryption

    4. Multiple call modes, full call, group call, individual call, emergency call

    5. PTT default contact (group) call

    6. Emergency alarm (single machine, linkage) 3 × 4 modes

    7. Remote killing and activation

    8. Work status query

    9. Digital power saving mode

    10. Call ringtone reminder

    11. Firmware programming mode (software upgrade)

    Simulation function:

    1. Voice broadcast

    2. High and low power transmission options

    3. The three-color LED indicator indicates the status of sending, receiving, scanning, etc.

    4. Channel lock

    5. Whisper function

    6. Subtone / Digital Subtone

    7. End tone elimination

    8. Monitor function

    9. Digital-analog hybrid scanning

    10. TOT time-limited launch protection

    11. Timer

Power Output1-4W
Channel Capcity 16

Accessories includes

  • KB-760(Li-lon 1500mAH Battery)

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter