Kirisun DR600

Kirisun DR600 is a 1U size digital repeater that supports digital, analog and mixed modes. In the mixed mode, it has a digital-to-analog function that automatically recognizes digital or analog numbers for automatic relaying. DR600 support IP protocol interconnection networking, providing large-area, wide-range voice and data communication. At the same time, it can form a digital communication system solution with walkie-talkies and radio stations.
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Product Details

Kirisun DR600 Digital Repeater

  • Digital and analog smart switching

    Support for digital, analog, and mixed modes. In mixed mode, digital and analog mode adaptive functions are available to automatically recognize signal auto-transfer.

  • TDMA dual-slot technology

    Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology effectively improves spectrum utilization and user capacity, and digital mode dual-slot voice relay provides two-channel calls and reduces equipment costs.

  • Multiple voice and data services

    DR600 has the functions of voice and data such as single call, group call, full call and short message, call alert, remote control, wake-up, remote alarm, emergency alarm, emergency call, number access restriction, color code access restriction.

  • Roaming function

    Support roaming function, can find a base station with signal strength within the configured range to communicate under multiple base stations.

  • Excellent thermal performance

    The temperature-controlled cooling fan design ensures stable operation of the device at 100% full power for a long time.

  • Convenient management software

    Through the management software, the relay station can be remotely controlled and diagnosed, and a rich scheduling function can be realized.

  • Interconnect with the phone (via DTMF signaling)

    Use the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology and the Analog Telephone Service (POTS) to connect walkie-talkie users to the PABX or PSTN for one-way conversations between radio users and telephone users.

  • AC DC switching

    Supports switching between AC and DC without power-off or restart, ensuring normal transit operation.

  • GPS positioning

    Built-in GPS module for precise positioning.

  • Network upgrade

    By connecting the repeater to the computer through the network, software upgrades or setting frequency, function and other parameters of the repeater can be set for easy maintenance.

  • Remote Detection(optional)

    Support remote (connected to the Internet by IP protocol) to monitor, diagnose and control the status of the repeater, so that system communication and maintenance efficiency is improved.




Power Output45W
Channel Capacity64

Accessories includes

  • AC power cord

  • Service Manual

  • Fuses