Motorola GP338 Plus

Motorola GP338 Plus

The Motorola GP338 Plus is the smallest professional handheld two-way radio with a 14-character dot matrix screen and full keyboard for easy menu navigation. User-friendly features for emergency alerts. With Motorola's advanced audio compression and expansion technology, it also features a squelch function to provide a superior audio experience. The compact GP338 Plus can be concealed in the top and operate without any sound. This lightweight walkie-talkie can also be easily attached to the waist for hands-free operation on the go. It is very suitable for the use of emergency communications in public security, high-level management and service industries.
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Product Details

Motorola GP338 Plus Two-way radio

  • 14-character dot matrix display

    The 14-character display instantly displays vital information such as PTT identification codes, radio power indications and signal strength indications. In addition, user-friendly icons make the information presented easy to read and understand. Keyboard and display backlighting also provide the necessary visibility for your walkie-talkie in the dark.

  • Receive signal strength indication

    The intuitive on-screen display allows users to see the signal strength of their area at a glance.

  • Name and tone identification

    8 different ringing and calling party identification displays can be set for eight specific users/talk groups, thereby highlighting the auditory and visual recognition for the eight calling parties.

  • Battery indicator

    An intuitive on-screen LCD display alerts the user to low battery levels.

  • 128 channels

    A maximum of 128 channels are available, providing greater flexibility for different work teams.

  • menu

    Easy-to-navigate menu keys allow users to select relevant functions from their fingertips.

  • Dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) coding

    Allows users to easily access the local wired telephone network or make private calls with other radio system users on the same radio.

  • Dual priority scan

    The activity on different channels can be monitored, and two channels can be designated as wired-level channels for frequent monitoring.

  • MDC1200 signaling protocol

    ●PTT identification code (encoding/decoding)

    Each time the PTT button is pressed, the GP338 Plus will issue the calling party's identification number and decode the caller ID.

    ● Status / SMS (decoding)

    This feature allows you to replace your frequently used voice calls with status messages, saving you valuable communication time.

    ● Call prompt (encoding/decoding)

    If the radio you are calling does not answer, the radio will beep until the other party takes action.

    ● Voice selective call

    ● The radio user receives a unique one or group call voice message with a prompt indicating that it is a selective call.

    ● Quik Call II signaling

    ● DTMF signaling





Power Output1-5W1-4W
Channel Capacity128

Accessories includes

  • Li-Ion (Slim) Battery,Li-Ion (Hicap)Battery:

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter