Motorola GP340ex

Motorola GP340ex

Users of PL/5-Tone signalling radios can upgrade or add to their fleet with the Popular GP340 EX or the Versatile GP380 EX. With 16 communication channels, the GP340 EX is the simple two-way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact. Its streamlined features allow users to concentrate on the job with help only a button press away. When the user is unavailable to receive calls, the Call Forward function means that the message gets through to a colleague who can help. An audible low battery alert helps users sidestep radio downtime.To protect users further, both radios feature a built in ‘Lone Worker’ tool. Should a user not respond to a regular warning signal then Emergency Signalling is activated, as defined by the organisation.
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Product Details

Technical Specifications

Channel Capacity            16

Power Supply               7.5V rechargeable battery

with Li Ion battery           148 x 60 x 39 (at base)

With Li Ion battery, soft leather              562 

carry case, accessory cover plate 

and antenna 

Average Battery Life @5:5:90 cycle

With Li-Ion battery                       11 hours

Sealing                        Withstands rain testing per:MIL STD 810F and IP64 (IEC 529)

Shock and Vibration            Protection provided via impact resistant housing exceeding 

IL STD 810F and TIA/EIA 603

Dust and Humidity           Protection provided via environment resistant housing exceeding

MIL STD 810F and TIA/EIA 603

Environmental Specifications and Standards

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Humidity Per MIL-STD

Water and Dust Intrusion   IP64, MIL-STD