Motorola Gp350

The GP350 VHF and UHF Portable radios use the Motorola 68HC11A8 microcomputer, U401, which utilizes: • 7.9488 MHz clock rate • Multiplexed 8-bit address/data lines • 16-bit addressing • Internal watchdog circuitry • Analog to digital conversion input ports The microcomputer’s operating program is permanently written or “masked” within the microcomputer. Included in U401 is an EEPROM memory which stores channel, signal- ling, and scan list information. When you are in the vicinity of construction work, look for, and observe, signs cautioning against radio transmission. If radio transmission is prohibited, you must not transmit until out of the area. Furthermore, you must turn off your radio to prevent any accidental transmission.

Product Details

GP350 Standard radio package included:

1200 mAH NiCD rechargeable battery

10-hour drop-in charger

3" spring action belt clip

Heliflex or Whip antenna

1 year warranty

Do not

hold the radio with the antenna very close to, or touching, exposed parts of the body, especially the face, ears, or eyes, while transmitting. Hold the radio in a vertical position with the microphone two to three inches away from the lips.

Do not

hold the transmit switch (PTT) on when not actually desiring to transmit.

Do not

allow children to play with any radio equipment containing a transmitter.

Do not

operate this equipment near electrical blasting caps or in an explosive atmosphere. Under certain conditions, radios can interfere with blasting operations.

Do not

replace or charge batteries in a hazardous atmosphere. Contact sparking may occur while installing or removing batteries and cause an explosion.

Turn radio off when removing or installing a battery.



Programmable: VHF 136-174 MHz, UHF 403-527 MHz

PL/DPL capable

Programmable Internal VOX

Mil Spec:

Weight 17.8 oz. 5.54" H x 2.48" W x 1.79"D

Priority Scan and Signaling capabilities, 16 Ch model only

Performance Specifications

All specifications subject to change without notice.

VHF                    UHF

Model Series: P93MGC                P94MGC

Frequency: 146-174                  438-470

Channel Capacity: 2 or 16 channels       2 or 16 channels

Power Supply: One (1) rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery (7.5V)

Dimensions: 5.54X 2.48X 1.79(142 X 63X 45.6mm)

Weight :           17.8 oz. (509 g)

Average Battery Life

(5-5-90 Duty Cycle):

High Capacity: Low Power   High Power  Low Power  High Power

 10.5 Hours   8 Hours    10.5 Hours   8 Hours

Environmental: Meets MIL-STD-810-C, D, and E & EIA RS-316B environmental specifications for vibration, shock, rain, dust, and humidit




VHF                  UHF

RF Output @ 7.5V:  High 5W Low 1W     High 4W  Low 1W

Freq. Separation:     26, 28 MHz            30, 32 MHz

Freq. Stability

(-30˚C to +60˚):               ±0.0005%

Modulation: ±5 kHz max. (25/30 kHz channel spacing)

±2.5 kHz max. (12.5 kHz channel spacing)

Spurs/Harmonics: 0.25µW < 2GHz

Audio Response: 

(from 6 dB/oct.


300 to 3000Hz                +1, -3 dB

Audio Distortion: @

1000 Hz, 60% Rated

Max. Dev.                      <3%


Designation: AZ489FT3784       AZ489FT4802

 AZ489FT3785         AZ489FT4803



FM Noise:  -40 dB

Max.RF output is 3W for frequencies greater than 512 MHz

Typical level



VHF                    UHF

Channel Spacing: 25 kHz 12.5 kHz         25 kHz 12.5 kHz

Freq Separation: 26, 28 MHz             30, 32 MHz


- 20 dB Quieting:   0.32µV  0.38µV     0.32µV  0.38µV

12 dB EIA SINAD:    0.22µV   N/A       0.22µV  N/A

20 dB SINAD:       0.30µV  0.35µV      0.30µV  0.35µV

Squelch Sensitivity:   10 dB SINAD

Selectivity:      70dB  60dB         70dB    60dB

Intermodulation     70dB  60 dB        70 dB    60 dB

Freq. Stability

(-30˚C to +60˚C):

(-10˚C to +50˚C):        0.0005%       0.0003%

Spur Rejection

EIA:                  75 dB

CEPT:                 70 dB

Image Rejection

EIA:         75 dB                70 dB

CEPT:        70 dB                70 dB

Audio Output

at<10% Distortion           500mW

(1 kHz)               

(2 Typical specification is 0.28mV on frequencies greater than 512 MHz

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