Motorola XiR M3188

Motorola XiR M3188 is a reliable, affordable car radio. Keep your team connected, communicate, collaborate, and stay safe. Designed for the driver, the XiR M3188 allows the driver to stay in touch with others without interference. XiR M3188 is easy to use, clear communication, and maximizes productivity. In addition, the advantages of this car radio stand out - from high quality audio quality to a wider range of coverage. It is also compatible with MOTOTRBO required functions, such as forced transmission and interrupt functions for priority critical communications.

Product Details

Motorola XiR M3188 Digital Mobile Radio



136 ~ 174MHz

403 ~ 470MHz

Power Output1 ~ 25W, 25 ~ 45W

1 ~ 25W, 25 ~ 40W

Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

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