Motorola XiR M3188

Motorola XiR M3188 is a reliable, affordable car radio. Keep your team connected, communicate, collaborate, and stay safe. Designed for the driver, the XiR M3188 allows the driver to stay in touch with others without interference. XiR M3188 is easy to use, clear communication, and maximizes productivity. In addition, the advantages of this car radio stand out - from high quality audio quality to a wider range of coverage. It is also compatible with MOTOTRBO required functions, such as forced transmission and interrupt functions for priority critical communications.
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Product Details

Motorola XiR M3188 Digital Mobile Radio


  • Easy to use

    Convenient, easy-to-use ergonomics and crisp, clear sound make the team work more efficiently.

  • Keep in touch

    The microphone is mounted on the sun visor and the push button is mounted on the steering wheel to ensure that the driver communicates safely while driving. At the same time, digital noise reduction software can filter out road noise, so that the driver can clearly hear the call voice, so that the helper can safely return to the correct route.        

    The network provided by digital technology covers the entire region, and the simultaneous two-slot simultaneous call function in the pass-through mode can help them easily obtain the call channel. The clear, bright alphanumeric display shows all the information the driver needs. In the event of an emergency, a programmable button can be used to call for help.

  • Communication barrier

    Designed to make the driver's day-to-day work easy, they enable you to stay in touch with mobile drivers without distracting them, increasing security while increasing real-world productivity.

  • Seamless integrated device

    When you are ready to use the new two-way radio application with the overall communication device, make sure you are ready. We are able to assemble the right experts and processes to help you quickly and cost-effectively integrate your vehicle into your existing business, including coverage mapping, site integration and radio programming.

  • Long-lasting durability

    The durability is different. The Motorola system will offer an after-sales service that includes a two-year standard warranty and a minimum one-year warranty on the accessory. These products have been proven to pass the rigorous Motorola accelerated aging test. Equipment approved for this experiment must undergo a simulated annual overload test. In this way, you can fully confident in the durability of the XiR M3188.


136 ~ 174MHz

403 ~ 470MHz

Power Output1 ~ 25W, 25 ~ 45W

1 ~ 25W, 25 ~ 40W

Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • Standard Handheld Microphone PMMN4090(Optional: Heavy Duty Microphone PMMN4091)

  • DC power cable 

  • Microphone hanger kit

  • Mounting bracket kit

  • Fuses