Motorola Xts3500

Motorola has dropped this model and doesn't sell it any more - way early in it's planned 'lifecycle' of 12 years (it first shipped in the spring of '99). The ASTRO Digital XTS 3500 radios are among the most sophisticated two-way radios available. The radios are available in the VHF and UHF R2 bands. One of the newest in a long line of quality Motorola products, the ASTRO Digital XTS 3500 radio provides improved voice quality across more coverage area. The digital process, called "embedded signalling," intermixes system signalling information with digital voice, resulting in improved system reliability, and the capability of supporting a multitude of advanced features.Such features add up to better, more cost-effective two-way radio communications.
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Product Details

ASTRO Digital XTS 3500 radios are available in three basic models.

Table 1 ASTRO XTS 3500 Basic Features


Feature                 Model I        Model II               Model III

Display                  None           LCD                   LCD

                                      4 lines/                4 lines/

12characters per line     12characters per line

Keypad                  None           3X2 button             3X6 button

Channel Capability         48             255                   255

Dialing from Prestored List   No          Yes                    Yes

Programmable Softkeys         No          Yes                    Yes


The ASTRO Digital XTS 3500 radio utilizes Motorola's revolutionaryFLASHport technology. FLASHport makes it possible to add software thatdrives the radio's capabilities both at the time of purchase and later on.Previously, changing a radio's features and capabilities meant signicantmodications, or buying a new radio. But now, similar to how a computer canbe loaded with different software, the radio's features and capabilities can be upgraded with FLASHport software.