Motorola SLR1000

Motorola SLR1000 is a compact, easy-to-install repeater with a maximum output of 10W. Support digital systems, analog systems, IP interconnection systems, intelligent channel sharing systems and distributed receiving systems. Basic waterproof and dustproof (IP65) features. It is an economical and reliable repeater that reduces complexity and increases signal coverage.
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Product Details

Motorola SLR1000 Repeater

  • Environmental protection design

    SLR1000 repeater is waterproof and dustproof IP65 rated for use in wet locations. No need to worry about maintenance and repair issues, no matter where they are deployed.   The fanless design allows for lower noise and less particle intrusion.

  • Cost effective design

    SLR1000 is designed for low power consumption, resulting in low power consumption and cost savings.Compact and compact design reduces site space.

  • Compatibility

    SLR1000 paires MOTOTRBO products with WAVE push-to-talk and other data solutions to seamlessly connect radios, software and people. If you use a regular radio system, you can also increase the voice coverage. Simply deploy the SLR1000 in extended range direct mode to extend the range at no additional cost.


400 ~ 527MHz

Power Output1-10W
Channel Capacity64

Accessories includes

  • Mounting Bracket

  • Interconnection Cables 

  • Power cord

  • Service Manual

  • Fuses