Motorola SLR5300

Motorola SLR5300 is a thin (1U) repeater that supports digital-to-analog compatibility with 50W of high power. Can support a wide range of digital trunking. Support IP interconnection and support all MOTOTRBO systems. Motorola SLR5300 has excellent performance and is ideal for use in cities, large properties, parks, tunnels, underground parking lots and more.
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Product Details

Motorola SLR5300 Repeater

  • Superior performance

    A next-generation repeater design with high sensitivity and noise rejection. Combined with digital error correction, it delivers clear voice quality even under the most demanding conditions.

    It has 10 times the processing power, 15 times the memory and 125 times the data storage compared to XiR R8200. The architecture even prepares the expansion module.

  • High efficiency

    SLR5300 also features a space-saving 1U height and low heat generation to help you significantly reduce costs.

    In addition, the SLR5300 has simple maintenance requirements with replaceable power amplifiers, power supplies and modem modules. The front panel's USB port supports easy configuration and optional remote management support. It also features built-in features such as a 3A battery charger, external alarm port, and auxiliary power output to simplify field installation.

  • Superior quality

    SLR5300 design has been validated by the Motorola Accelerated Life Test (ALT) and meets stringent quality standards.

  • Multi-system compatible

    SLR5300 supports all MOTOTRBO features and is compatible with all MOTOTRBO systems: Digital Conventional Single Base Station System, IP Site Connect, IP Channel Connect, Capacity Plus, and Multi-Base Station Intelligent Channel Sharing (Linked Capacity Plus) And Connect Plus digital trunking system. The IP protocol interface supports direct software build into the system.


136 ~ 174MHz

400 ~ 470MHz
Power Output1-50W
Channel Capacity64

Accessories includes

  • Power cord

  • Service Manual

  • Fuses