Motorola XiR R8200

Motorola XiR R8200 is a reliable repeater with TDMA technology that provides twice the call and digital/analog mode for easy switching. In addition, it also supports IP protocol base station interconnection (optional), Capacity Plus function (optional), and can be developed later according to requirements.
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Product Details

Motorola XiR R8200 Repeater

  • 2 time slots

    XiR R8200 uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology, which operates in 2 slots, and a digital repeater is equivalent to two analog repeaters. The frequency resource is saved, and the pair of frequencies is equivalent to two pairs of frequencies of the analog repeater. One frequency provides twice the call capacity (compared to analog or FDMA radio). No additional repeaters are needed for the second call, which saves equipment costs.

  • Digital analog dual modes

    Supports both analog and digital modes, enabling easy conversion from analog to digital mode;

    At the same time, you can also use the Dynamic Mixed Mode Repeater function to automatically switch between analog and digital modes on the same repeater.

  • Support IP protocol interconnection

    The Internet can be used to interconnect up to 15 digital relay stations through the IP protocol, which can realize large-area coverage of wireless signals and interconnection of base stations across cities and countries.

    The Internet can be used to extend the coverage of the MOTOTRBO communication system to users anywhere in the world, greatly improving service capabilities.

  • Support roaming

    XIR R8200 supports roaming. digital radio set to roaming When the signal of the received digital repeater is lower than the set value, it automatically searches for a stronger relay station signal, automatically switches and locks. Users do not need to pay attention to the channel, and enjoy the convenience of cross-region communication.


136 ~174MHz

400 ~ 470MHz450 ~ 512MHz
Power Output

1 ~ 25W




1 ~ 40W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • User guide CD

  • Charge line cord

  • Service Manual

  • Fuses